Sex & Money, part 3

I worked myself into a bind on the question of usury and interest because I was reading the Bible wrong. I was approaching it wrong, asking the wrong questions and therefore coming away with the wrong answers. "What does the rulebook say about this?" I asked. And then, having asked that question in that way, [Read More...]

Upright Citizens Brigade

Via Grist: [Read more...]

Four things, three good, three bad

This should blow Robert J. Samuelson's mind: Nokia has introduced a cellphone with a bicycle-powered generator. This is pretty cool. I can imagine some upscale Americans buying such a thing in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, but that's not who this is designed for. The new Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is being released, [Read More...]

Older than I’ve ever been

    By the time he was my age, Dietrich Bonhoeffer had been dead for three years. [Read more...]

Sex & Money, part 1

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the South Shore Bank I had serious reservations before taking my first job out of college. It was, without a doubt, a do-gooder, hopey-changey gig — an internship in the social ministries department of a national Protestant denomination. Most of the work would involve anti-Apartheid activism [Read More...]

The compass now points south

I've just finished listening to Dr. David Blight's lectures on "The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877" via Yale's Open University. I couldn't afford to audit a class at Yale, and commuting to New Haven would not have been convenient. Yet this was free and easy. It's almost as though this elite Ivy League institution [Read More...]

TF: Section 4

Tribulation Force, pp. 219-226 Our scene opens with Rayford and Chloe breathlessly gathering around the television for a CNN special breaking-news report: President Fitzhugh has just announced that he is lending the plane that was to become his new Air Force One to the United Nations for use by Nicolae Carpathia. This is big news [Read More...]

A peace pie and Bible blegging

Consider this an early Monday open thread. I'm told some of the current comment threads have gotten a bit tense, and while I don't know what the issue(s) of contention is/are, I'm confident it's not pie. Who doesn't like pie? Like this delicious-looking blueberry pie, for example — – blueberry pie may be the tastiest [Read More...]