Pity for the pitiless

To be pitiless, surely, is bad. We don’t speak of someone as “pitiless” if we’re trying to express admiration for them. “Pitilessness” is never something we extol as a virtue. The only time being “pitiless” is ever described as a positive trait is in the context of sports, where we sometimes use words for otherwise [Read More...]

Seven things that are not 'ironic'

1. A hot day in Texas in July 2. Scorpions that sting 3. A black fly in your Chardonnay 4. Rain on your wedding day 5. A traffic jam when you’re already late 6. The good advice that you just didn’t take 7. People trapped in the addictive delusion of thinking they’re better than everyone [Read More...]

The IndigNation, defending bullies and the martyr Sally Kern

I have a theory that the central motivation for much of American politics is a manufactured indignation. This indignation is stoked by the habitual taking of offense, whether or not such offense is actually there to be taken. The cultivation of such offendedness serves two emotional needs: 1) It’s exciting for those whose lives are [Read More...]

Job Seekers Open Thread

. Here’s the good thing (or at least the thing I keep telling myself is a good thing): It’s September. It doesn’t matter that most employers aren’t bound by the academic year and that there’s nothing about their annual or seasonal schedule that makes September special. Like the rest of us, they can’t escape the [Read More...]

Sunday favorites

Romans 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. [Read more...]

Wherever the corpse is …

ἔσχατον: The Movie That’s the video from The Decemberists for their latest single “Calamity Song.” It’s based on the thermonuclear armageddon game devised by students at the Enfield Tennis Academy, which the students called “Eschaton” — from the New Testament term for the last day, the day of judgment. That’s the source of the word [Read More...]

Hail to thee, our alma mater

A couple of recent posts elsewhere have me thinking back to my childhood as a student at a private, fundamentalist Christian school in New Jersey. Stuff Fundies Like just finished “Back to School Week,” ranging from kindergarten to college. I particularly liked this bit, from the post on high school: By the time a young [Read More...]

Jay Sekulow fleeces donors for big money

“Blessed are those who pretend to be persecuted, for they shall reap truckloads of cash and live like Hollywood stars.” No, that’s not from the Bible. It’s my paraphrase of Bob Smietana’s scrupulous piece of investigative journalism for The Tennessean: “Christian crusaders cash in: Sekulow’s family, firm collect millions.” Jay Sekulow is the head of [Read More...]