And such small portions

The gizmo that calculated this (via) informs me that: This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: • missionary (4x) • hell (3x) • death (2x) • dick (1x) I'm fairly sure that those first two words were used here in their theological senses, while the last one was, I think, a mention of the vice president's name. I suppose if they'd realized I was talking about Cheney, I'd have gotten the NC-17 rating. • Parrots not telepathic after all. (Via Regret the Error) … [Read more...]

Dwight & dog whistles

Years before Jeff Foxworthy became a millionaire from his "you might be a redneck" schtick, my friend Dwight Ozard used to play the same game about evangelicals. As in: • If you feel really, really guilty about not keeping up with your Daily Quiet Time ... • If you use the word "Lord" at least three times in every sentence when you pray ... • If you went to Bible College because seminaries can't be trusted ... • If you think Amy Grant sold out after Age to Age ... • If … [Read more...]

Religious tests

[NOTE: Much of this post is based on an Emily Litella-ish misreading, in which I fail to recognize satire as such. Please scroll down to the bottom and read the update/correction first. Thanks, sorry, etc.] Prof. Mark Elrod, of the Church of Christ-related Harding University, doesn't believe that Fred Thompson is a Real True Christian. [Note: Not really, see update below.] He's wagering $100 that no one can prove the lawyer/actor/senator/actor/candidate is more than a "lapsed member" of the … [Read more...]

Bride of Clippy

Prepare to be annoyed. Go here or here or here and move your mouse toward the upper right corner just as anyone naturally would to begin scrolling down the page. Suddenly, the page you were looking at disappears, replaced with "[Cumulus]* Real Time Weather" (as opposed to, I guess, weather with lots of flashbacks and nonlinear narrative). And there, in the center right of your screen, you will see what may be the least-welcome word to anyone surfing the Web: "buffering." This intrusive forecast … [Read more...]

Bookmarked in June

I fully intend, when tagging these things, to get back to them later and post about them in detail. Sometimes that doesn't happen: • "The reason to have a theater." • "Mr. Darcy in the Fields of Bethlehem." I forget what I was looking for on the Web when I stumbled across Abigail Nussbaum's reconsideration of the Book of Ruth as a Jane Austen novel. • (via) "Gay Christians Say the Darnedest Things!" • Bonhoeffer, Batman and Jack Bauer. In three lucid paragraphs, Atrios … [Read more...]

New Media wish list

As a follow-up to the post below, I'm curious to know what readers are looking for from online newspapers -- what you expect and what you wish you could expect. What do newspaper sites do that you like? What that you dislike? What would you like to see more/less of? What sort of things should the Big National Papers be doing that the Small Town Locals can't, and vice versa? What would you do if you ran the zoo? (For the purposes of this thread, pretend this blog is hosted by the … [Read more...]

New media

If you are reading a newspaper article online then, in most cases, it will either be: A) an article that has been edited to fit the physical page and not the Web site you're looking at; or B) an article that has not been edited. Let's consider Category A first. The space constraints of the printed page do not exist online. It would seem, then, that stories that have been trimmed (or hacked) to fit into a cramped print news hole ought to be posted to the Web in their entirety. The … [Read more...]

Mission Trips & AmeriCorps

Matt Yglesias discusses Sen. Chris Dodd's national service plan, and in doing so touches on something that often arises in church regarding the practice of mission trips. Here's Matt: There's nothing wrong, generically, with such programs but they really need to be looked at one-by-one on the merits primarily through the lens of whether or not they're cost-effective methods of achieving the public purpose in question. Does appropriating more money to the Peace Corps make … [Read more...]