Good news and bad news

First, some good news: "Parks' residents buy out owner for $31 million." Residents of Country Lakes Villages (Palmetto, Fla.), a two-park manufactured home community, have completed their bid to buy their parks for $31 million. The homeowners bought the Palmetto property from [a Calif.] company that had owned it for 12 years. The California company [Read More...]

The indignation of the persecuted hegemon: An illustration

Sometimes you encounter a specimen of something that is such a perfect example that it's difficult to do more than just stand back and gawk, marveling at the sheer purity of the thing itself. We've discussed here the feigned offendedness of the IndigNation — those who seem addicted to and intoxicated by finding or manufacturing [Read More...]

Does it stink like rotten meat?

The House of Representatives passed the DREAM act. (The Senate, being the Senate, will probably never vote on the measure.) This originally bipartisan bill was first written by Sens. Dick Durbin and Richard Lugard and has been kicking around for about a decade. Columnist Ruben Navarette Jr. offers a useful summary: The bill targets young [Read More...]

Fix the deficit: Cure diabetes

It seems this week is when the self-appointed serious people have decided to discuss their grand schemes for long-term debt-reduction, so allow me to get in on the act. I do not share the conventional wisdom that this effort must entail something nasty and unpleasant. I think long-term debt- and deficit-reduction should, like short-term deficit-reduction, [Read More...]

Yes, please, let's have hearings on the evidence of climate change

The Atlantic's Marc Armbinder notes that the new Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives "plans to hold high profile hearings examining the alleged 'scientific fraud' behind global warming, a sleeper issue in this election that motivated the base quite a bit." OK, then, let's do that. Let's have just exactly that conversation in [Read More...]

Climate change facts, for what that’s worth

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy offered an emphatic recommendation of NASA's Climate Change Evidence site, a recommendation heartily seconded by Teresa Nielsen Hayden who says: It’s clear, authoritative, and visually striking: a single-link refutation to throw at denialists. Bookmark it now. This is excellent advice. It's just the sort of single, comprehensive and accessible presentation [Read More...]

Rally logistics

OK, so, the National Mall is a fairly large place and from what I understand there may be dozens, even hundreds of people there this weekend. So I guess if we're going to try to meet up at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, we should probably plan something more specific than "Hey, see [Read More...]

Subsidiarity: Where responsibility begins

Some simple equations: Subsidiarity + Solidarity = Democracy Subsidiarity – Solidarity = Tyranny It really is that stark and that simple. The good news — at least for those of us who don't favor tyranny — is that these two things are not easily separable. Subsidiarity clarifies solidarity, but it cannot exist apart from it. [Read More...]