Sleep deprivation Thursday

A bit of housekeeping: Since the most recent LBFriday installment was three days late and wound up getting derailed by a long Aristotelian tangent about acting, ethics and Mike Seaver, I intend to revisit Part 3 of LBTM tomorrow. From what I've seen of the comments thread in the previous entry, many of you have [Read More...]

The paper

I was halfway to work one night in a bona fide blizzard, fishtailing along in my old Civic, when they announced on the radio that roads were officially closed. Any non-essential non-emergency personnel crazy enough to be out driving would be ticketed. So I called my then-boss — an old-school newspaperman named Dave Hale — [Read More...]

Sauce for the goose

I don't want to rehash the whole normative vs. descriptive debate we had over the term "un-American," but voters in California disappointed me last week by behaving in a very un-Californian manner and voting for Proposition 8. This was a ballot measure attempting to clarify the meaning of the state's constitution, restricting the application of [Read More...]

Rebel without a map

I never quite understood why John McCain considered maverick-hood for its own sake to be a virtue. The Arizona senator's embrace of the "maverick" label failed, in part, because it's one of those terms that loses currency when one applies it to oneself. It might have seemed kind of edgy and cool to have the [Read More...]

Return Day

In Georgetown, Del., the Thursday after Election Day is Return Day. This is a great tradition that goes back to pre-mass media days, when the people of Sussex County would gather to hear the election returns read aloud on The Circle. These days, of course, everyone already knows the results of the election well before [Read More...]

Yes we can

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Shine a light

The Mittens have got me thinking. That would be Shirley and John A. Mittens, of Brooksville, Fla.: Shirley Mitten, 64, a volunteer at a pregnancy center and a resident of Brooksville, Fla., … said she does not know if Mr. Obama is a Muslim. "He says he's not, but we have no way of knowing," [Read More...]

Three days

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