'I decided I was going to be the mayor for everybody'

This, from CNN, is a beautiful story about an impressive man, Paul Bridges, mayor of tiny Uvalda, Georgia: “Republican mayor in the South becomes unlikely advocate for immigrants.” Bridges is an unlikely soldier on the front lines of the nation’s immigration debate. The 58-year-old native Southerner describes himself as a conservative Republican. For years, he [Read More...]

If we can make it there …

This is a joyful Saturday night in New York after yesterday’s vote to legalize marriage equality for same-sex couples in the Empire State. My favorite reaction to that good news was Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s two-word summary/response: “Love wins.” And I commend Republican state Sen. Mark Grisanti for his very honest, and very American, explanation for [Read More...]

Peter Falk (1927-2011)

[Read more...]

Cut waste, create jobs, save money — what's not to like?

With 14 million Americans looking for employment, former President Bill Clinton offers his suggestions for “14 ways to put America back to work.” It’s a pretty good list. A few of these things were included in bits and patches and pieces in the original too-small Recovery Act but need to be done, as Clinton suggests, [Read More...]

Immigrant labor in Philly

The Philadelphia 76ers selected Nicola Vucevic with the 12th pick of the NBA draft yesterday. Vucevic played college ball at USC where, as a junior last year, he averaged 17.1 points per game and 10.3 rebounds. That’s a nice addition for the Sixers, though I’m not sure it will have much of an impact as [Read More...]

More new neighbors

In addition to the happy news of Jason Pitzl-Waters bringing The Wild Hunt to Patheos, there’s been a flurry of other folks to be welcomed to the neighborhood here. Dilshad Ali is the new editor of Patheos’ Muslim “portal” (seeing a journalist getting hired is a welcome change of pace). And Patton Dodd, whose name [Read More...]

What's next?

“Giving the customer the absolute finest automobile that General Motors could possibly produce has proven to be the correct approach to the automobile business because this finance-generated effort to skimp and see how much cost can we strip out before people actually protest, I think is something that’s taught in the business schools and it [Read More...]

Angry birds

I was attacked earlier today with some really nasty tweets — just the angriest, most aggressive tone you could imagine. So let me take a moment to respond directly to my accusers. I realize that you can’t help yourself — that you’re always going to launch these kinds of personal attacks whenever you think somebody’s [Read More...]