No margin for error

Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., was interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition on Wednesday. The interview was unusual for Biden in that he actually seemed physically present rather than floating in the ethereal realm of meta-politics he usually makes his home. On the campaign trail or during his many appearances on cable and Sunday morning news shows, [Read More...]


Here’s the Star Tribune coverage of the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, where at least four people were killed, 79 were injured, and 20 remain missing. Dr. John Hick, who was one of the first responders to the bridge collapse, said “It’s somewhat of a miracle that (the number of injuries and fatalities) [Read More...]

Backyard bombardier

* Brush with infamy: Turns out disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy went to high school with my girlfriend. Her yearbook shows that Donaghy was voted Most Likely to Compromise the Integrity of a Major Sports League. * Civil discourse, illustrated: Seattle Mariners GM Bill Bavasi was asked to comment on criticism from Florida Marlins’ [Read More...]

Pennhurst & subsidiarity

I had a short-term job some years ago working at a home for dual-diagnosis adults. The best thing about that job was each night, on my way home, heading out of the driveway past some of the men’s group homes where, in all but the harshest weather, the guys would all be gathered on the [Read More...]

Coming soon …

And like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye, the End of the World arrives for Dorothy … Back soon with Left Behind Friday. [Read more...]

Hummin’ a lunar tune

Here, for the record, is my one and only Deathly Hallows prediction: Draco Malfoy will redeem himself. This seems necessary. Whatever else the odious little snot may be, he is also one of Dumbledore’s students. Dumbledore is now Dumbledead, sacrificing himself not to save Harry, but to save Draco — or, rather, to save for [Read More...]

Alternate endings

Years ago I was doing Bad Dinner Theater. The “play,” which was really just an extended sketch, was billed as a murder-mystery-comedy. It was cheesy, but fun. I was in a handful of performances, all in banquet halls with no sets or scenery. For $35 a night, I played “The Great Somnambulo, hypnotist extraordinaire,” one [Read More...]

You’re not the pope of me

I suppose I’m supposed to be worried or aggrieved or something in response to yesterday’s pronouncement from Pope Benedict XVI in which he reasserted his primacy and chastised those of us who don’t listen to him and don’t recognize his word as authoritative. But see how that works? I’m one of those who don’t listen [Read More...]