John Oliver & Nick Offerman visit the Big Box


John Oliver hit close to home for me with a “Last Week Tonight” segment on the importance of customer service workers in home improvement stores. He enlisted Nick Offerman, Sarah Baker and Sterling Archer to dramatize why my colleagues at the Big Box could never be replaced by robots. [Read more...]

Turn to frosted flakes


Quick — whats 2 * 0 * 1 * 4? Did you get zero? I got zero. Also: theistic atheists; Pat Robertson’s spiritual warfare against Parker Brothers; a Bircher in the Senate; 23 fiscally irresponsible governors; and stuff white teachers say in North Carolina. [Read more...]

‘With all the crazy doubts you’ve got I love you even still’


A spoonful of Sugar helps the Monday links go down, featuring: Heritage USA as haunted village; the Queen’s annual Swan Upping; the myth of Aristotle; the user agreement to all technology; covert baristas; and the recipe for Guacamole Karloff. [Read more...]

Star-spangled skidmarks: Why Americans will never adopt the bidet

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Rick Paulas says Americans should adopt the bidet. That seems unlikely — for many reasons discussed here. But this post isn’t actually about bathrooms and bidets. [Read more...]

All we’ve dreaded and hoped for is here


Some Sunday afternoon linkage, including: Paul Waldman on the gigantic federal failure that wasn’t; praise for an endorsement rejected and praise for an endorsement withheld; the man who taught Inigo Montoya to fight; and who’s stealing from whom? [Read more...]

Sunday favorites

“Wisdom excels folly as light excels darkness. The wise have eyes in their head, but fools walk in darkness. Yet I perceived that the same fate befalls all of them.” [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (11.1)

Mary Hunt on the Synod on the Family; Elesha Coffman on Randall Balmer; Monte Harrell Hampton on the “Southbound” evangelical Bible; and Mark Binelli on “The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster.” [Read more...]

Left us a mixed impression


Happy Halloween. Here are some Friday tricks and treats, including: professional liar David Barton isn’t a fan of Left Behind either; Michelle Krabill on rape culture in the Bible Belt; Pat Robertson criticizes lazy brain cancer patient for not coming to him sooner. Plus: Does Francis believe in evolution? Is the pope Catholic? [Read more...]