Things I don't understand

One of the things that has mystified me over the past year has been the opposition to the proposed closing of the United States' offshore prison in Guanatanamo Bay, Cuba, and the related proposed trials for the terror suspects imprisoned there. I haven't been able to address these topics because I haven't been able to [Read More...]


It's a whole bunch of strangers, all of them clearly very damaged — working their way back slowly, but not yet real attractive. The people back in Berkeley AA all seem like David Niven in comparison, and I'm thinking, Who are these people? Why am I here? … That's from what might just be my [Read More...]

"Yes we can"

NPR’s All Things Considered had a fascinating story last week on the Tea Party movement, focusing on a recent convention in Dallas — the one time home of the National Indignation Convention, an identical movement during the Kennedy administration. You can listen to the piece on or read the entire transcript: “Tea Party Activists [Read More...]

Javanese metallurgy

Hope you had a good weekend. If it didn't go that well, you might take some consolation from the fact that it still may have been more enjoyable than the past few days have been for dozens of interns at Fox News, talk radio and the Republican National Committee. Those kids probably expected to do [Read More...]

Toxic smugness

Hey kids! It's time to play "Stupid? Or Evil?" Today's contestant is Chuck Colson: "If someone walks in our church and says, 'You preach a sermon on [homosexuality], we're going to arrest you as a violation of the hate crimes,' then they'll have to arrest us." I'm going to have to go with "Evil" here. [Read More...]

Bruce Barnes must die

I apologize for the recent lack of regularly scheduled Left Behind Fridays here lately. (And, for that matter, the lack of much of anything else.) We'll never get through the seven-year Great Tribulation at this rate, and the stalled progress on our weekly Bruce Barnes Death Countdown is getting frustrating. But let me beg your [Read More...]

Fresh thread

From Mark Noll's The Civil War as Theological Crisis: American national culture had been built in substantial part by voluntary and democratic appropriation of Scripture. Yet if by following such an approach to the Bible there resulted an unbridgeable chasm of opinion about what Scripture actually taught, there were no resources within democratic or voluntary [Read More...]

Sinister suffrage

The Associated Press reports: SAN FRANCISCO — Stunned and angry, national left-handed leaders Wednesday blamed scare-mongering ads — and President Barack Obama's lack of engagement — for a bitter election setback in Maine that could alter the dynamics for both sides in the southpaw-franchise debate. Conservatives, in contrast, celebrated Maine voters' rejection of a law [Read More...]