Dystopian checklist

I remember this from an episode of Dark Angel … The Los Angeles County Sheriff's plans to patrol his city with flying police drones didn't get off the ground, but it's just a matter of time before some other sheriff or police department manages to pull this off. Flying police drones, usually armed, are a [Read More...]

Flag Day

Busy day. Just got back from an unannounced 9-hour visit to Delaware and I have to brief Congressional leaders on the comprehensive political, social, economic and strategic conditions there. I'm not really sure I'm qualified to brief anybody after such a brief hit-and-run stay, particularly since I spent the entire time there in one room [Read More...]


They're baa-ack! "Balloon Animal Jesus can't save you. He only died for balloon animal sins." I've missed Fafblog. * * * * * Blogger ethics, a case study The paper now has a partnership with eHarmony. That makes some sense. If you accept the somewhat puzzling notion that an online newspaper needs to or ought [Read More...]

Tell them I said something

So the paper isn't just a paper anymore, but rather a "24/7 news organization." I could go on here about the future of the newspaper business and all of the opportunities and potentialities and pitfalls of newspapers online, but I won't because: A) that conversation sounds a bit too 2001 (not as in "A Space [Read More...]

Oy, enough with the poodles already

Sheesh. Another accidental, unannounced weeklong hiatus. Lately it seems Ryan Adams is putting out new albums more often than I'm updating this blog. At least this time the most-recent post growing stale on the page wasn't about my new shower curtain. (And speaking of unannounced absences from the blogosphere, I was really starting to get [Read More...]

Origen of Love

Or, "Why Do Christians Hate Sex?" (part 2) There's a lovely song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch called "Origin of Love." It's a retelling of the Platonic myth of the genesis of human sexuality. That myth tells of a time when mortals were once whole creatures until the gods cut us in half and [Read More...]

Random 10

I'm waitin' for the shout from the crowd … Velvet Underground, "Heroin" Patty Griffin, "You Never Get What You Want" Don McCloskey, "Lower Your Standards" Marshall Crenshaw, "Mary Anne" The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done" Pedro the Lion, "Bad Diary Days" Bruce Springsteen, "Mary's Place" George Michael, "Faith" Over the Rhine, "Happy to [Read More...]

Teen cheerleaders

"I make allowances for your youth, but I expect a certain amount of responsibility, and instead of which you enslave yourself to this, this … cult!" (OK, yes, that headline is mainly there to mess with the Google perverts.) Posted two stories for the paper this week about competitive cheerleading (here and here), both of [Read More...]