Return Day

In Georgetown, Del., the Thursday after Election Day is Return Day. This is a great tradition that goes back to pre-mass media days, when the people of Sussex County would gather to hear the election returns read aloud on The Circle. These days, of course, everyone already knows the results of the election well before [Read More...]

Yes we can

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Shine a light

The Mittens have got me thinking. That would be Shirley and John A. Mittens, of Brooksville, Fla.: Shirley Mitten, 64, a volunteer at a pregnancy center and a resident of Brooksville, Fla., … said she does not know if Mr. Obama is a Muslim. "He says he's not, but we have no way of knowing," [Read More...]

Three days

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Coffee Shoofly Pie

Hmm. I love coffee. I also love shoofly pie. So this could work: Not that any given two things must go well together just because I happen to like both of them. I have no wish to revisit the great Chocolate Covered Bacon fiasco of ’05. But Coffee Shoofly Pie makes sense. Bitter + Almost-Too-Sweet [Read More...]

Faith and works

"If you saw this, you would take action — wouldn't you?" That text, on a direct mail ad by an anti-Obama group, accompanies a photo of a baby carriage sitting on the railroad tracks. This is why I can't take these people seriously. Let's play along, shall we? Let's try, for the sake of argument, [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving, eh

Do not deprive the alien or the fatherless of justice, or take the cloak of the widow as a pledge. Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and the Lord your God redeemed you from there. [Read more...]

They need help is necessary, but not sufficient. That's one of the things I started out wanting to say. Then I got a bit distracted as that thought was reinforced by the dismaying spectacle of Sarah Palin's unconditional admirers — their admiration only increasing with every Katie Couric interview and every repeated, documented lie — and that [Read More...]