In the belly of the fish

I request the consent of the chamber to revise and extend my previous post. 1. The whale was in Pinocchio In discussing the book of Jonah, I try to avoid the notorious bit with the really big fish. That's what the story says — "fish," not "whale." If you're not familiar with that bit, here [Read More...]

The sign of Jonah

Andrew C. writes with a good question: How do you explain the seemingly barbaric actions of God in the Old Testament? God outright ordered genocides, wars and brutal punishments upon his own followers. Not just a good question, but a canonical one. A question asked, in fact, by many people right there in the Hebrew [Read More...]

Lame excuses

So I thought I'd be able to prep for this exam tomorrow and still get today's LBFriday installment posted. I was wrong about that. So there may be an LBMonday. Sorry about that. [Read more...]

21 Wilsons

I wouldn't have guessed it was possible for Gov. Mark Sanford, this quickly, to become only the second most-embarrassing politician in South Carolina. There are more than 300 million people here in the United States of America, and out of all those people we only need to find 535 members of Congress. More specifically, there [Read More...]

Vampires & crosses

It's a well-established fact that vampires can't abide crosses. There seems to be some confusion, however, as to why this is so. I should note here, before we go on, that I believe in vampire stories. I don't mean that I believe these stories are "literally" true — they're not that kind of story. But [Read More...]

Printing the legend

Here are two paragraphs from today's paper, from an article on an appointment to Delaware's Chancery Court — a unique legal body tailored to resolving corporate disputes: The court is considered one of the key reasons companies incorporate in the state. Delaware's incorporation franchise is a major moneymaker for the state, generating as much as [Read More...]


Crazy lady accuses Barney Frank of supporting Nazism. Frank responds. In the words of Montell Jordan, this is how we do it. How one responds to hateful, lying, self-righteous, self-deceiving, belligerent fools depends on one's role and one's relationship to particular fool in question. If this woman were your sister, mother, daughter, student, teacher, doctor, [Read More...]

The IndigNation

In an op-ed in Sunday's Washington Post, Rick Perlstein cuts to the chase. His piece is titled, "In America, Crazy Is a Pre-existing Condition." After surveying "birthers, health care hecklers" and other contemporary manifestations of "right-wing rage," Perlstein reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun and takes us on a survey of [Read More...]