The weight of words

Looking ahead to the possibility of a general election campaign against Barack Obama, John McCain tried out some attack lines last night. They need work. Referring to Obama’s mantra of “hope,” McCain said this: “Hope, my friends, is a powerful thing. I can attest to that better than many, for I have seen men’s hopes [Read More...]


Because more of the same, only harder, is kind of like change too. (Viia Mojoblog. If you haven’t seen the original, see here. And remember, “Your favorite candidate sucks” (via). [Read more...]

Don’t answer that

Political interviewers of the Russert school often ask questions without listening to or caring about the answers given. The substance of either the question or the answer isn’t the point. The ritual, whether called an “interview” or a “debate” (their term for simultaneous interviews during which the interviewees remain standing) is really an attempt to [Read More...]


Time’s Karen Tumulty provides the total vote counts, nationwide, for Super Tuesday. (I’m not sure how these account for caucuses.) Tumulty is focused on the remarkably close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but that’s not what I found most striking. Here are those same numbers tossed into Word’s graph-maker: So Clinton and Obama [Read More...]

Leftovers again

Apologies for not tying all this together. The paper I work for is in Delaware and I’ve spent the past week in Super-Tuesday-prep mode. So even though I live in Pennsylvania, and we’re not part of today’s festivities, I’ve had the nagging feeling all day that I should be voting. “Soylent Green is poor people!” [Read More...]

Let the sun shine

Thank you, Eric N., for introducing me to Jon Talton’s Rogue Columnist. His rant on “What’s really wrong with newspapers” treats the newspaper biz the way a real reporter would if he didn’t already work for the newspaper biz. He follows the money. I recommend the entire piece including — maybe even especially — those [Read More...]

Not a “terror suspect”

Michael Melia of the Associated Press reports today that: A U.S. military tribunal convening Monday at Guantanamo will hear challenges from attorneys for a Canadian terror suspect accused of killing an American soldier when he was 15 — an age they say should disqualify him from trial. Lawyers for Toronto-born Omar Khadr, who is now [Read More...]

Thor’s Day

There is a crack, a crack in everything … It’s Thor’s Day, when we traditionally honor the storm god here by unleashing the lightning of a robust, but hopefully civil, flamewar. One of the first questions when approaching the subject of human nature tends to be are we essentially good or essentially rotten? The Christian [Read More...]