Break down

National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” yesterday discussed the image problem facing American automakers: According to global marketing information firm J.D. Power and Associates, 42 percent of all car buyers … won’t even look at a vehicle built by a U.S. company. Dave Sargent, J.D. Power’s vice president of auto research, said [that is] a mistake. [Read More...]

Finical rogues

The whole DUI thread that evolved in comments to the previous post reminds me of a conversation I once had with Dick Cheney in an undisclosed location. He wasn’t too impressed with the new, lower blood-alcohol standards either. “You call that ‘impaired’?” he said. “In my day a DUI used to mean something. I wasn’t [Read More...]

Oral Roberts is going down

“Scandal brewing at Oral Roberts U.” is the AP headline, but that seems like an understatement. “Scandals” — plural — is more like it. You’ve got your basic nonprofit-violating-its-tax-free-status scandal: Three former professors … sued ORU and [its president, Richard] Roberts, alleging they were wrongfully dismissed after reporting the school’s involvement in a local political [Read More...]

We could send letters

I haven’t written much about the demonstrations in Myanmar because there didn’t seem like much I could add. Or much we could do. But maybe there is. Foreign Minister Nyan Win Ministry of Foreign Affairs Naypyitaw Union of Myanmar Dear Minister I am deeply concerned by the reports that hundreds of monks and other peaceful [Read More...]

Bad habits

Congress, like many state legislatures, seems to think it has found a magic money source in order to fully fund SCHIP: expanding the cigarette tax. The heart and lung associations and the American Cancer Society have long supported an increase in the cigarette tax. They do so because they have evidence that shows that an [Read More...]

The kids are alright

Amanda Marcotte introduces us to a new hero: Hannah Lindquist, 14, a freshman at Tri-Valley Central School in Grahamsville, N.Y. According to the local chain paper, the school started out by banning all school bags. This decision, they said, was supposedly partly to protect students from the burden of carrying heavy bags (because, I guess, [Read More...]

Wait’ll next year

If you lose 12 out of your last 17 games, you don’t deserve to keep playing. This must be how Ralph Branca felt, or maybe these guys: [Read more...]

Lying liars

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has a long post about “Lying in the name of God, surveying several instances of scholars who were misrepresented in sleazy, dishonest “creationist” DVDs. You should go read the whole thing (and, as always over there at Making Light, you should read all the comments as well). Realizing that “go read the [Read More...]