Those pearls won't clutch themselves

B: You realize what you've done, don't you? A: Drawn a link between the spreading of malicious falsehoods and the practice commonly referred to as "lying"? B: Well, yes, that. That's not allowed. A: "Allowed?" B: Right. You can say, "Sarah Palin's statement is false," because, you know, it is. And you can say, "Sarah [Read More...]

It must be Job's fault

Ladies and gentlemen, Amanda Marcotte: Victim blamers are often also telling a story about how they personally will never be raped, or in this case, arrested unfairly for doing something totally legal.  To blame Gates for being stupid is to say, "I would never get arrested for breaking into my house, because I have the [Read More...]

Reporting the controversy

We've been thrown a lifeline, given an unexpected and probably undeserved second chance. The newspaper business is being swept away but here is an opportunity, if we have the sense to take it, to regain our footing and step back onto solid ground. And it comes from the unlikeliest of places. The YouTube clip shows [Read More...]

Stephen Carter has lost his mind

Fairness, in this case, requires us to note that Stephen Carter has often proven himself to be an intelligent and insightful commentator and also to note that it can be frighteningly easy for anyone to be caught off guard in the spontaneous give-and-take of a live interview and thus to find oneself saying something fairly [Read More...]

Remember when we used to have newspapers?

What's the absolute minimum number of people required to copy edit a daily newspaper? One way to find out, it seems, is to conduct an experiment. Take a functional copy desk and subtract 20 percent of its staff. Look at that — they still managed to somehow get everything read and onto the page. With [Read More...]

Nice news

I started working at the paper in Delaware in 2001 and every year since then they've introduced legislation to include sexual orientation in the First State's antidiscrimination laws. Those bills never passed. "Discrimination against gays still legal in Del.," read the headline on the paper's Web site, year after year after year. That headline was [Read More...]

The short straw

SCENE: A secure, undisclosed location somewhere deep beneath Washington, D.C. Representatives from every conservative PR tank and farm team have gathered for an emergency meeting. Tony Perkins looks nervous, unsure if he should be glad he gets to go first. He reaches out and makes his choice. Grinning broadly, he holds up the long straw [Read More...]

Falling flat

“North and South?” the people of Lineland said to our hero. “That’s nonsense. There’s no such thing as North and South, only East and West.” Our hero is the main character in Edwin A. Abbot’s Flatland. He is a square — a literal square, a four-sided, geometric figure in the two-dimensional world of Abbot’s transcendently weird [Read More...]