Catching up, a little

The flu came to town last week and the paper has been frantically on the story ever since. At any journalism outfit, stories like this will highlight the tension between those trying to figure out what readers need and those trying to figure out what readers want (as in what it is that makes readers [Read More...]

What do you see?

This is a photograph, a visual recording. What you're looking at here is a European Space Agency satellite photo of what used to be the ice bridge connecting Charcot Island and the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Here's the caption that was supplied with the photo: "An Envisat Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) image dated [Read More...]

Scenes from a Tea Party

That Fox News varnish is getting out of control and the effect seems to be spreading.  So let this be a lesson to you kids out there: Don't huff the varnish from Fox News. It'll make you stupid and crazy with rage. And stupid and angry never leads anywhere good. The photo on the left, [Read More...]

The Immortals

It seems 2007 was a record year for births here in the U.S. of A.: Forget the baby boom. More babies were born in the United States in 2007 than any year in the nation's history. …  The 4,317,119 births, reported by federal researchers Wednesday, topped a record first set in 1957 at the height [Read More...]

Rayford Douthat

Brad DeLong takes a short break from making me wish he were working in Washington instead of Berkeley in order to highlight an astonishingly revealing and horrifying passage from Ross Douthat’s book, Tropic of Privilege. Douthat, for those who don’t follow such things, is the young rising star of the conservative movement who was recently [Read More...]


Outrage seems to be all the rage just now, so OK, I'll chime in. Here are a few things, ranked by their respective outrageousness, that I find upsetting. No. 2: The AIG bonuses. It's not so much that they're paying out huge bonuses after accepting billions in bailout funds from taxpayers. It's that they're paying [Read More...]


The Typealyzer characterizes this blog as personality type "INTP: The Thinkers": The logical and analytical type. They are especially attuned to difficult creative and intellectual challenges and always look for something more complex to dig into. They are great at finding subtle connections between things and imagine far-reaching implications. They enjoy working with complex things [Read More...]

Happy birthday, Doc

The Lorax said nothing. Just gave me a glance …just gave me a very sad, sad backward glance …as he lifted himself by the seat of his pants.And I'll never forget the grim look on his facewhen he heisted himself and took leave of this place,through a hole in the smog, without leaving a trace. [Read More...]