Schaeffer on Tim LaHutari

Frank Schaeffer has a long item at the Huffington Post — reworked from an excerpt from his new book — on "The Evangelical 'Mainstream' Insanity Behind the Michigan 'End Times' Mania." Or, in other words, how the World's Worst Books helped to shape the crazy/stupid of the anti-American Hutari militia. Frank Schaeffer is growing increasingly [Read More...]

Atari jamboree

This is utterly beside the point, but part of my reaction to the story yesterday of an anti-American domestic terrorist militia outfit calling itself Hutaree had to do with what struck me as the inappropriateness of that made-up name itself. The initial reports I heard all pronounced the word HUTT-ah-REE — which is what seems [Read More...]

The Hutaree Tribulation Force

Teresa Nielsen Hayden goes comprehensive, with everything you might possibly want to know about the Hutaree militia bust. There's not much left to add to that, but let me weigh in on one aspect of this story that falls in my bailiwick: the Hutarifarianites' apocalyptic, End-Times-prophecy obsession with the Antichrist. Chip Berlet discussed this aspect [Read More...]

12 vicious values (cont’d.)

I think part of the reason Glenn Beck's 912 Project opts for the term "values" rather than "virtues" is because virtues take work. They require practice to acquire as habits. This is not what the 912 Project is for. It is not a group or "movement" of people who have chosen to practice these 12 [Read More...]

Glenn Beck Bingo

So I've been asked to comment on the "Principles and Values" of television host Glenn Beck's "912 Project." OK. Beck's "principles" are horrifically unprincipled, which is to say that they were created backwards. These are not the principles from which his political agenda emerges, these are post-facto rationalizations used to bolster a predetermined (but variable) [Read More...]


If you close this window in your browser, the world will soon end in a fiery cataclysm. Not "the world might end," but the world will end. And it will do so as a consequence of your closing this window in your browser. We're talking cause and effect. If … then. If X, then Y. [Read More...]

Lying your way to crazy

Wednesday's post on bearing false witness wasn't prompted by a specific incident in the headlines as much as it was by a general phenomenon. Scarcely a day goes by without some public official saying something insanely untrue and ridiculously stupid — and yet says it with what seems to be utter sincerity. Scarcely an hour [Read More...]


"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor," the eighth commandment (in some numberings, ninth) reads. When I was growing up in Sunday school our teachers usually paraphrased the archaic King James Version English of that commandment as "don't lie." Teaching children not to lie is a good Sunday school lesson, but note that [Read More...]