Google is your friend

Our style at the paper — following the AP — assumes that readers can recognize a telephone number. We'll write, "Contact Trooper Jones at 555-1234," or even just, "Trooper Jones, 555-1234." We don't write: "Call Trooper Jones on the telephone by dialing his telephone number, 555-1234." That would be considered redundant. It would also make [Read More...]

More housekeeping

OK, so, two columns are better than three. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on and patience with the three-column experiment. Re: the "4 trillion links" in the blogrolls — My theory here is that it's easier to keep track of a blogroll than it is to keep track of a bookmarks/favorites file of all the [Read More...]

We’ve lost a good man

RIP Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007 [Read more...]

Crediting women

Kristof's comments on empowering women, and Whedon's rant, and the ensuing comments on both reminded me of this: Back in 1991, I heard Dr. Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank speak at a conference in Silver Springs, Md. I spent much of that conference hanging out with the folks from the Good Faith Fund, a [Read More...]


Last summer, when the Phillies were in the thick of the NL Wild Card hunt, their ace pitcher, Brett Myers, had to miss several starts for court appearances after he allegedly beat up his wife. The Onion's take on this story was horribly close to how it actually played out: "Brett Myers Atones for Punching [Read More...]

Pocket change

Josh Marshall links to this article on Sen. Clinton's health care proposals, summarizing the news this way: "Edwards campaign accuses Hillary of swiping his health care proposals." Apart from the specifics of this particular instance, I've always wondered why candidates in the primaries didn't do more of this kind of "swiping." For example, Matthew Yglesias [Read More...]

Fireside chat

Stumbled across a photocopy of the following from back when I worked in the archives of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. This is an account from the diary of Nathaniel Brown, a former Baptist missionary who returned home to serve as editor of “The American Baptist and Freeman,” an abolitionist newspaper. On New Year’s [Read More...]