When I was a kid I had a Carl Yastrzemski model bat. Always felt sorry for the guy at Louisville Slugger who had to burn that name into the barrel. I’m always reminded of that bat when I see the heavy rotation ads for this product. That’s a positive connotation — who doesn’t like Carl [Read More...]

The Anarchists

“You’ve got that eternal idiotic idea that if anarchy came it would come from the poor. Why should it? The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than anyone else in there being some decent government. The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich [Read More...]

Missed milestones

Due to my usual combination of forgetfulness and sloth, I failed to note the passing last week of three important milestones. 1. Negligent Irresponsibility Day Seven years ago on August 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a presidential daily briefing entitled, “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in U.S.” The memorandum noted that al-Qaida intended [Read More...]

The auteur

Imagine you are a filmmaker, an auteur who has just released a short film to the waiting public. Every image, every word was painstakingly chosen to convey a single message. This single-mindedness of theme is reflected in the tiniest details — down to the style and coloring of every letter that appears onscreen. You edit [Read More...]

After the flood

Yep, we’re back. Sea Isle City, N.J., was lovely. The weather was just about perfect the whole time we were there. Except for one day. That one day — Sunday, the 27th — was a doozy. Severe thunderstorms, hail the size of dimes and about two inches of rain in a single afternoon. That rain [Read More...]


This is pretty cool. The Limestone Presbyterian Church in Pike Creek, Del., just got a new roof. And now they’re putting 180 solar panels on it. According to the church: On sunny days when we are not using much electricity, our church’s electrical meter will go backwards. In the evenings or when it is raining, [Read More...]

Busy week

Mr. Jones ran the UV light over everything one last time, then flipped the lights back on, apparently satisfied with his handiwork. Aside from the presence of those two men who didn’t seem to belong there — who didn’t seem to belong anywhere — the room looked exactly the same as it had a week [Read More...]

Compare and contrast

• Barack Obama on Religion • John McCain talks to If these were presentations by seminary students in the Faith and Politics class I used to T.A., then one of these would get an A and the other a charitable C-. Obama offers a concise, clear and confident description of why the separation of [Read More...]