I understand that today is a holiday of sorts. Fair enough, but I'm not sure I get the point of this particular holiday. I've got some friends who will certainly be, um, "celebrating" this Thursday, but they also celebrated last Thursday, and, well, every Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday … But I suppose that just [Read More...]


All is lost. All is not lost. Do over. Second chance. Olly olly oxen free. Happy Easter. [Read more...]


The latest from Seymour Hersh, "The Iran Plans," has me a bit freaked out. Particularly when I read elsewhere that the only country to ever use nuclear weapons isn't willing to rule out using them again. This is insane. And horribly familiar. And later, after I've processed things a bit more, I'm sure I'll have [Read More...]

Immigration rallies

The "National Day of Action" yesterday was impressive not just for the massive turnout out at the peaceful rally in Washington D.C., but also for the astonishing number of different rallies held simultaneously. Consider, for example, that more than 1,000 people marched yesterday in Georgetown, Del. Some perspective: the population of Georgetown is about 4,800. [Read More...]

What is education for?

It's for moments like this: Photographer Jennifer Corbett caught this reaction from a group of Delaware second-graders. An educator from the Philadelphia Zoo had just introduced the kids to a great horned owl and the owl had just spread its wings. But it doesn't have to be an owl. [Read more...]

Two cheers

This is one of those stories where what is being said is less interesting than who it is saying it. Peter N. Letang was one of those law-and-order, tough-on-crime prosecutors. He was a Republican deputy attorney general in the state of Delaware from 1974 to 1980, and from 1986 until he stepped down Friday. Now [Read More...]

Back to School

Thought about it some more and I'd like to revise and extend my remarks. If your goal in life is to be a power player in the GOP machine, then you really need to get your degree. Not for reasons of learning, understanding, paideia or self-improvement — you can get by without all that. But [Read More...]

Shaq vs. Box turtle

I never weighed in on the whole Ben Domenech affair. This was mainly because when I first read that the Washington Post had hired him as its standard-bearing partisan conservative blogger, my reaction was Ben who? In short order I learned that he was a former blogger for RedState, an intemperate cad who called Coretta [Read More...]