I’d like to teach the world to sing

"We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." – Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail Our paper, like most others, focused on the symbolic and the trivial — literally trivial — in covering the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. [Read More...]

Tempus fugit

When a long string of days passes without a post appearing over on the Fafblog, they can always explain their prolonged absences by saying that they've been stuck up a tree, defending their stockpiles of ham from an attack by zombie robot gorillas an Dick Cheney an zombie robot Dick Cheney an such. Nothing quite [Read More...]

Broken news and “miracles”

Before the horrifying surprise of that 2:57 a.m. news alert — the one announcing that we, and all those poor family members had been grievously misinformed — I was talking with the late guy on our copy desk about miracles. The word miracle appeared in quotes in our headline — we used it only because [Read More...]

A tame lion

So McDonald's now has Chronicles of Narnia Happy Meals. Each comes with one of several plastic Narnia figurines — Tumnus, Lucy, Edmund. Aslan. They're selling plastic Aslans at McDonald's. Plastic Aslans. At McDonald's. … I … … Plastic Aslans at McDonald's. The crucifixion-nail pendants were pretty awful, but at least Mel had the decency not [Read More...]

Broken News

By now I'm sure you've heard this story. The more important matter, of course, is the story itself — the loss of 12 lives and the suffering of 12 families. But I thought I'd share a glimpse of the story behind the story, and how it unfolded in the newsroom where I work. Deadlines at [Read More...]

Joe Loconte does the twist

Maybe Joe Loconte just can't read. I'm just trying to figure out why Loconte keeps insisting that Jim Wallis has been silent on topics he's written extensively about. Or why Loconte keeps employing out-of-context quotations to imply that Wallis has said things he's never said. Maybe Loconte's not really a dishonest, malicious hack. Maybe he [Read More...]


So far this year, I've made one phone call. It got cut off. I'm going to try not to interpret that as some kind of metaphor or omen or something. Now I get to play dodge-the-drunks on my way to work. Happy New Year. Startin' Monday I'm cleanin' the slate, gonna quit smokin' start losin' [Read More...]

Merry Christmas

"Well. All of a sudden, the man in front of me soils himself. I guess his sphincter just relaxes. Shit runs down onto his shoes, but he keeps walking. He doesn't seem to notice. … The above is from "My Advent Adventure," by Anne Lamott, which is probably still my favorite thing ever written about [Read More...]