If you can make it there

Ben Smith has a fascinating piece in the New York Observer on GOP plans to orchestrate media coverage of next years Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden. (Also the site, Smith reminds us, of the Westminster Dog Show.) The man in charge is Jim Wilkinson — the guy who was in charge of U.S. [Read More...]

Show me a smoking gun

The FBI had better find a pile of corpses in John Street's crawl space. Or a massive cache of heroin and shoulder-launched surface-to-air-missiles. Or a graduation certificate from an al-Qaida training camp. Or something else really, really, really bad. Because if the FBI doesn't produce some evidence of staggering corruption after raiding and bugging the [Read More...]

Washington, Mandela and Aliyev

Nelson Mandela, like George Washington, is a statesman for the ages. Both men exhibited extraordinary courage and wisdom, and each united his country with leadership. But the greatest thing either man did was to leave office at the end of his term. Both Washington and Mandela could easily have won re-election again and again, holding [Read More...]

Nathanael West

Nathanael West was born 100 years ago today. West gave us Miss Lonelyhearts — a heartbreaking story about a heartbroken man. West also wrote The Day of the Locust — the book that introduced the name "Homer Simpson." (Oh, and Happy Birthday to Arthur Miller too.) [Read more...]

Dick Cheney: Coward

Has there ever been a public figure more fearful of the public than Vice President Dick Cheney? The man is a coward. Sure, he's willing to speak his mind — but only if he is in front of a carefully screened audience. And even then this timid man refuses to allow any questions to be [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde

Today is the birthday of Oscar Wilde — playwright, novelist and author of a sizeable chunk of any worthwhile dictionary of quotations. It's a credit to Wilde's genius that his words continue to provide laughter and joy when his own life was marked by the tragedy of a monumental love that ended in betrayal. I [Read More...]

Hard to keep up

Molly Ivins can't keep up, can she? It's not easy being an occasional columnist and trying to stay abreast of all the hypocrisy, deception, ineptitude, embarrassments, treasonous leaks and flagrant corruptions of the ruling GOP. Even a daily column wouldn't allow the current crop of outrages the full space and attention they deserve. Sometimes, the [Read More...]

Pooty-poot clears his throat

Via Buzzflash, I find this article from Catherine Belton of The Moscow Times: President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Russia could switch its trade in oil from dollars to euros, a move that could have far-reaching repercussions for the global balance of power — potentially hurting the U.S. dollar and economy and providing a massive boost [Read More...]