Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom "Bush Approval Hits New Low," reports ABC News. Their most recent poll finds that 60 percent of the country disapproves George W. Bush's handling of the job of president, and only 39 percent approves. This follows a CBS News poll earlier this week that found only 33 percent of the country holds a [Read More...]

Don’t need a weather man

Will Bunch has a thought-provoking post — "The New Philadelphia Experiment: Saving the Daily News" — about, among other things, the survival of newspapers in a digital age. This got me to thinking about the weather. On the off-chance that you don't already have this bookmarked, here's the link to the National Weather Service. Just [Read More...]

Rosa Parks, 1913-2005

This photo shows Rosa Parks (second from right) with Martin Luther King Jr., Peter Seeger, Charis Horton and Ralph Abernathy at the 25th anniversary reunion of the Highlander Center. Mrs. Parks was at the reunion because she had attended a training session at Highlander in the summer of 1955, studying the techniques and philosophy of [Read More...]

Ethics rules

I have never read the ethics guidelines for reporters and editors of The New York Times. I am, however, familiar with the guidelines used by other papers, a portion of which I've reprinted below. I'm posting this in light of the controversy surrounding administration-shill-turned-First-Amendment-martyr-turned-Miss-Run-Amok Judith Miller. If the Times guidelines are anything like those below, [Read More...]

Some say

The New Orleans police are under a lot of stress. As the AP's Mary Foster reports: Their homes are gone, their families scattered, their reputations sliding by the day. Home for most New Orleans police officers is a cramped cruise ship, and work is 12- to 14-hour days in a wrecked city. When time off [Read More...]

L.B.: Please Stand By

We are experiencing vocational difficulties. Please stand by. Got an all-day training session today on what is usually my day off, so it looks like Left Behind Fridays will have to be postponed to Monday again this week. As you can see, the president is taking this news hard. NOTE: If you were scheduling training [Read More...]

Free tickets (cont’d.)

In response to questions below, the comp tickets for Perfection Unspeakable are available on a first-come, first-served basis (through Sunday's matinee) — but come on down, we've got seats a-plenty. You won't need a password, but if you like, you can tell 'em slacktivist sent you. Or just say, "I'm with Reese." (You know how [Read More...]

Free tickets

"Can you hear me?" the angel says. "Of course I can," the second angel replies. But something strange is happening here. We cannot hear them. Nor can they hear each other. The actors playing these angels do not speak. They converse through American Sign Language. "Sound lies," the first angel continues. "So does silence." They [Read More...]