An unlikely question

This weekend I canvassed myself. (That sounds dirty, perhaps even illegal, but it's not.) Eighteen months ago I moved about four blocks. I got to keep my home phone number, but I also crossed over into a new precinct. Thus my name turned up on a list of "infrequent voters." A good chunk of my [Read More...]

The Marriage Penalty

Props to Jennifer Goldblatt of The (Del.) News Journal for drawing attention to the latest trend in corporate cost-cutting and health benefits. With the cost of health insurance still rising far faster than inflation, many employers are trying to save money by only offering coverage for employees' spouses if they absolutely have to: A growing [Read More...]

An indecent disrespect

After his collapse in last Thursday's debate, President Bush has been trying to regain some traction by misrepresenting what his opponent, Sen. Kerry, said. Here is the statement in question: Sen. Kerry: "The president always has the right and always has had the right for pre-emptive strike. That was a great doctrine throughout the Cold [Read More...]

Kerry Wins. By a lot.

I was pleasantly surprised by last night's debate and how substantive it turned out to be. (Here is the transcript.) Others have objected to this format, since it's not really a "debate" per se. That's true, but I don't really have a problem with that. I want to hear the candidates explain where they stand. [Read More...]

Burt Gummer speaks

Anti-gay crusaders broke into the wrong goddam rec room. Actor Michael Gross has a short op-ed piece making the rounds on the subject of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Gross takes issue with the argument that extending the marital franchise to same-sex couples would somehow erode the “institution of marriage.” The real threat [Read More...]

Tornado(s) in Delaware

That was scary. What remained of Hurricane Jeanne blew through Delaware on Tuesday, spawning at least one tornado that busted buildings, cars and planes from the New Castle area to Elsmere. Drenching rains added to the misery, causing widespread flooding, traffic jams and evacuations. The tornado wrecked five C-130 cargo planes at the New Castle [Read More...]

Kerry in Philly

Just got back from today's John Kerry rally in University City. Big crowd. Big excitement. Good time had by all. The crowd heard from, among others, Gov. Ed Rendell, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware and Rep. Joe Hoeffel, who is running for the Senate against Arlen "Ira Einhorn is not a flight risk" Specter. We [Read More...]