Parting shots

I'm headed to God's country for a couple of days (i.e., the land of my birth, New Jersey) and won't be near a computer during this time in paradise. * * * * * From McSweeney's: The Bible You Sold Me Is Clearly Defective and I'd Like to Return It, Please." This has got to [Read More...]

YNATKC (cont’d.)

"You're not allowed to kill civilians." That sentence, deliberately, lacks specificity. The "you" is universal — it refers to everyone. No one is allowed to kill civilians. Feel free to provide particulars, to make the statement more specific: "Bob is not allowed to kill civilians." Let's be clear that this sentence does not include an [Read More...]

You’re not allowed to kill civilians

It's been awhile so it seems again it's time for a helpful reminder that noncombatant immunity isn't just a good idea, it's the law. In other words: You're not allowed to kill civilians. Killing civilians is against the law. Killing civilians makes you a criminal. Yes, but … No buts about it. You're not allowed [Read More...]

Blah blah blog

Here's a headline of one of today's editorials in the paper: "It looks like most blogs are about 'me'." It gets worse. With all the buzz about blogging, there's finally a quantifiable sense of who these Internet traffickers are, and what they're up to. And it's mostly far more ordinary than the online stars who [Read More...]

‘Massive embryonic death’

While we're on the subject, I note the following from the August 2006 Harper's. This is an excerpt from "The Rhythm Method and Embryonic Death," by Luc Bovens, published in the June 2006 Journal of Medical Ethics: It has not gone unnoticed by pro-life advocates that if one is concerned about abortion because of the [Read More...]


Let me repeat this in blunter terms. Here is what President Bush said yesterday in defense of his veto of Rep. Mike Castle's bill allowing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research: This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others. It crosses a moral [Read More...]

1 for 142

James A. Garfield's record is safe.* After more than five years in office, President George W. Bush has vetoed a bill. Bush had threatened a veto 141 times previously, but never followed through. Today he proved that when he says something 142 times, he means what he says at least once. If President Bush says [Read More...]


America, 2006: "Can't anybody here play this game?" Amazin'. * * * * * President Bush is threatening to veto Rep. Mike Castle's bill to lift the Bush administration's limits on federally funds for research involving embryonic stem cells. Reporting on this has uniformly treated this as a typical instance of a president threatening a [Read More...]