What’s the score?

The sports section is still safe. It is, in some ways, the last bastion of reality-based journalism. Turn to the sports pages and there you can read the unambiguous results of a sporting event. You will find the final score and statistics for any given contest. Sports writers may inject into their stories a bit [Read More...]

Jefferson and St. Paul

Let me belatedly chime in on the discussion in response to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's comment last week. During consideration of the Ten Commandments case, Scalia said that their public display is "a symbol of the fact that government comes — derives its authority from God." Several folks have pointed out that this seems [Read More...]


Our Text: So this gorilla walks into a bar. The gorilla slaps a $10 bill on the counter and says, "Give me a beer." Bartender figures what does a gorilla know? So he gives him the beer, but only gives him $1 in change. It's a slow night, though, so the bartender figures he should [Read More...]


Prayer of Confession We rotate through a series of prayers of confession at my church. Last Sunday, we came back around to my favorite one: Lord, we have sinned against you in seeking to serve ourselves and living as if you do not exist. We have neglected our first duty to love you and we [Read More...]


If you already know about this, forgive my late-to-the-party enthusiasm, but Google's movie search is fantastic. Want to know what's playing? Go to Google and type in "movie: " and your ZIP code. Here, for example, is what's playing today near everybody's hometown. You can sort this list by theater, or by movie. You can [Read More...]


Housekeeping Peatey, you've sold me on the pitfalls of Verdana. And, since I had to fiddle with the blogroll to add some of the many folks brought to my attention through this year's Koufax Awards (Bravo, again, Dwight & Beth), I've tweaked the fontage here as well. Cleaner? Clearer? Uglier? Let me know. What I [Read More...]

She was very mature for 14

If a man Antonin Scalia's age were caught in bed with a teenage minor he would find himself in court facing statutory rape charges. He could try to argue that the girl in question was very mature for her age — that she was in some way an exception to the general rules, mores and [Read More...]

Morally bankrupt

Think Progress points us to E.J. Dionne on the bankruptcy bill now being considered in the Senate. Dionne quotes Elizabeth Warren of Harvard Law: Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in early February, Warren argued that the proposal "assumes that everyone is in bankruptcy for the same reason — too much unnecessary spending." What does [Read More...]