When Omnibus Bills Attack!

(The following is from an article for an upcoming issue of PRISM magazine. Frankly, the lead-time for that bimonthly is so long I've lost track of when this will be published — it could be July/August 2005.) A summer camp counselor once told me, "If you can't tie a good knot, tie a lot of [Read More...]

“Johnny of the Cross”

Okay, we've all read plenty of tributes to the late Johnny Cash. But here's one more, by Peter M. Candler in, of all places, First Things. "If I were going to believe in God, I would believe in the God of Johnny Cash." Me too. (See previously "Here's Johnny" and "I keep a close watch [Read More...]

RMN holiday box set

(Have to hurry here to make the obvious joke before everyone else does …) Just in time for Christmas, the National Archives has released another 240 hours of White House tape recordings from then-President Richard Nixon. The juicy bit concerns Nixon's thoughts on another former California governor — Ronald Reagan: Talking politics with his chief [Read More...]

News cycles

Saturday, November 29: "Shoppers jump-start holidays: Retailers, analysts predict increased sales over last year" Friday, December 5: "Retailers report disappointing sales: Holiday shopping season gets off to a slow start " = = = = = = = = = = = = Thursday, December 4: "Ringing in the holidays: People 'want to help,' [Salvation [Read More...]

If this is Wednesday …

Just got back from the logistical nightmare of the annual class trip to Washington, D.C., with students from the introductory course in Theology and Public Policy at Eastern Baptist Seminary. The purpose of the trip is to give students an appreciation of the scope and diversity of Christian political thought by visiting as many Christian [Read More...]

Guerrilla Voter Registration

Ten easy steps to change the world 1. Go to http://www.fec.gov/votregis/pdf/nvra.pdf and print out pages 2-5. (This is a .pdf file, page numbers refer to the Acrobat reader pages.) 2. Scroll down to locate the specific voter registration instructions for your state. Print the page listing the instructions for your state. (State-by-state instructions are listed [Read More...]

Negative energy

Ethanol, the gasoline substitute produced from corn or wheat, seems to be an outlandish boondoggle. While promoted as a clean, efficient source of energy, it seems in fact to be a colossal waste of energy and a massive source of air and water pollution. Ethanol exists only because of taxpayer subsidies. It is a purely [Read More...]

Piling up

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reminds us, in The Los Angeles Times, that President Bush's environmental record is a disaster. I've rearrayed some of RFK's main point in a numbered list: 1. American waterways are getting dirtier… for the first time since passage of the Clean Water Act; 2. Administration policies have driven automobile fuel efficiencies [Read More...]