The immoral majority

Much is being made of the exit polls that show "moral values" were one of the driving forces behind this election (Ted Olson has a nice roundup of articles on this). The only people doing exit polling in my precinct were me and the other Moveon volunteers. But if, as I exited the voting booth, [Read More...]

Worldview window

Clearing out the e-mail inbox, I find the following from the folks at These folks are the lunatic fringe. But as we found out yesterday, the lunatic fringe is now in the driver's seat. The election, it turns out, wasn't about terrorism or the war in Iraq. It wasn't about fiscal insanity and crippling [Read More...]

The Good News

1. Massive turnout here in Media, Pa.'s south precinct — approaching 90 percent. The borough went for Kerry 2,045 to 974. We went for Joe Hoeffel by a 300-vote margin. Even poor Dr. Scoles — the former surgeon who stepped in when our original congressional challenger, Greg Philips, was shipped off for active duty in [Read More...]

Sunny and 60 degrees

I'd never been at our local polling place at 7 a.m. before, so I didn't immediately realize that a line out the door, around the corner and down the block was something unprecedented. About a third of the precinct has already voted here and people seem animated and energized. And it's a gorgeous day in [Read More...]

I Hope

Here in everybody's hometown things are looking hopeful. My GOTV gruntwork volunteering leads me to view tomorrow's election through expanding concentric circles. Media's south precinct looks very good. Thus the borough of Media looks good. Thus I'm hopeful about Delco and, more widely, the four counties of Philly's western suburbs. This makes me hopeful about [Read More...]

Contingency planning

Got an e-mail asking "What if Bush wins?" I replied that I will be spending the next several days working very hard to make sure that is only a hypothetical question — but it does require some thought. After all, one of the reasons that this president does not deserve a second term is his [Read More...]

Door-to-door highlights

I met Samba last weekend. He was on my list of "infrequent voters" because this is his first election here in the precinct. It's his first election anywhere. He became a citizen just a few months ago. On Tuesday, he will cast his first vote as an American. How cool is that? I gave him [Read More...]

Omens and portents

"… and the moon became as blood." (Revelation 6:12) Last night I saw the moon turn to blood, and then I saw the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. The lunar eclipse was pretty cool (so cool, in fact, that my vocabulary for expressing how cool it was is reduced to useless phrases like [Read More...]