Beyond these bars there are things you can’t see


K-cups are a menace. From his bunker in the mountains of Colorado, Steve Carlton has no comment on Curt Schilling’s theory that right-wing conspiracy talk bars one from the Hall of Fame. A long list of nights in which it will be cloudy in Chester County. And RIP to Andrae Crouch. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 15: ‘Hard to get a cab’

Forget the billions of missing children, what readers really want to know is whether taxis and shuttles are still functioning at the airport.

The early chapters of “Left Behind” read like a cross between a disaster movie and a parody of bad local TV news. “… and no one knows what happened to all the children or who might be next. Now let’s head out to the highways with Hank Hanneman in the KRW Traffic Center. Hank, what does today’s apocalyptic carnage mean for rush-hour travelers?” [Read more...]

You could weep for a falling star


The kids are better than all right. America still struggling with that nation-building thing. Armed vigilantes harassing fewer New Yorkers in recent weeks, improving public safety. Gatekeepers race to punish slight variation from official tribal slogan. There’s a Chinese robot on the moon. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (1.8)

Haroon Moghul, “Interview With a Muslim” Q: Charlie Hebdo. Muslims go in, shoot up the place, yell Allahu Akbar. A: I’m a humorist. I’m a satirist. I’m a journalist. I’m a writer. It’s terrible. Q: Have you condemned the attack? A: I’m sorry, what? Q: Do you as a Muslim condemn this attack? A: Well [Read More...]

A spray can scrawl on the cemetery wall

Cardinal Burke

If you’re gonna plagiarize, don’t plagiarize from far-right Bircher conspiracy theorists. A healthy country would have more colleges than prisons and jails. Demoted bishop says women’s libbers are ruining church for boys and that really tangles his lace. Plus the Sounds of Sodomy (and Rum & the Lash). [Read more...]

Infidels in a broken time


Vote Pedro. A necessary lesson in public service for Kirby Delauter. Plus: “He’s got a King James edition / With all the words of Christ in red / Got an old time conviction / Keeps the bodies in the shed. …” [Read more...]

Nothing soothes quicker than complete despair


It’s 2015 and the U.S. still doesn’t have a single offshore wind farm. Chicken Little billionaire realizes the sky didn’t fall when we re-elected Obama. Terrorist groups shouldn’t be allowed to use highway signs to intimidate their victims. And some rare good news and good sense from a police department. [Read more...]

Epiphany: Jesus wept


God’s point back in Job is well-taken. The creator of ostriches and sea monsters and the horsehead nebula is simply beyond us, beyond our ability to grasp or apprehend. But a person — a human being just like us — that we can understand and relate to and comprehend. Maybe we’ll never be able to understand everything there is to know about God, but maybe we could be shown everything we need to know. [Read more...]