Why do so many people get Peter’s vision upside-down and backwards?

So why is it that the story of Peter’s vision in Acts 10 & 11 seems so bewildering to so many people? The story isn’t exactly subtle. Peter himself explicitly states What This Vision Means several times in the story itself. So how is it that so many people read this story and come away [Read More...]

Erick Erickson says that the Apostle Peter is an idiot who doesn’t understand the vision God gave to the Apostle Peter

This is Francesco Trevisani's 1709 painting of "Peter Baptizing the Centurion Cornelius." Erick Erickson says Trevisani is not "really" a Christian because his painting suggests this story is about people and not shellfish. If it were up to Erickson, this would be a painting of Peter Eating Shrimp and Cheesesteaks.

“God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean.” ´╗┐If you miss that, you’ve missed the entire book of Acts. If you miss that, you miss the entire gospel. Erick Erickson missed that. [Read more...]

7 @ 9: The countdown’s getting lower ev’ry day

I would also like to see a debate between Al Mohler and this 9,550-year-old spruce tree.

Instead of Bill Nye, I would like to see a formal debate between young-Earth creationist Ken Ham and a 6.5-meter core sample taken from a peat bog in Switzerland. Aww yeah, Acts 10 & 11, baby. More Jerks for Jesus. One problem with trying to write while the tribal gatekeepers are looking over your shoulder. Frank Luntz agonistes. [Read more...]

Today’s Daily Blog of the Day: Queer Eye for God’s World


To boldly endorse queer theology in the church takes courage. To patiently explain such theology takes wisdom. Joseph N. Goh is doing both of those things — in Malaysia. [Read more...]

‘God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean’ (No. 2)


Slowly, but surely, we’re winning this argument. Slowly, gradually, more and more Christians are coming around to understanding the Apostle Peter’s rooftop vision from God the same way that Peter understood it. [Read more...]