Two graphs illustrating the relationship between bigotry and stupidity

Andrew Gelman of Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science brings us the "(Worst) graph of the year."It's a graph that purports to show the tendency toward violent militancy of "pious and devout" believers from various world religions. Which is to say it's a piece of execrable BS tossed together by anti-Muslim bigots who suckered the FBI into paying them for this nonsense.No, really, the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid for this in the name of "counter-terrorism" … [Read more...]

Opposing the 'climate-change' conspiracy — what can we do?

The conspiracy promoting the lies of "climate-change" theory, as we have seen, is not just the work of a handful of dishonest scientists or of just a few bad actors promoting their fraudulent data to promote global socialism.It is a vast network that encompasses the globe and infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives. Nearly every scientist is in on it. Nearly every scientific discipline is in on it. Governments, the military, churches and businesses are all in on it.But do not despair. … [Read more...]

The full scope of the 'climate-change' conspiracy

It can't just be a few "bad apples." If that were the case, if it were simply the work of a handful of bad actors, those dishonest renegades would quickly have been called to account by their peers. They would have been exposed as frauds and been punished, expelled from the academy.That didn't happen. Their peers have offered nothing but support. Uniformly and almost universally, those scientific peers have rallied behind the proponents of "climate-change" theory.And that can only mean that … [Read more...]

Pulpit glurge and ghost stories

"Glurge" is not unique to church, but churches tend to cultivate their own native varieties of it.Skimming through Snopes' Glurge Gallery reacquaints me with several familiar stories that I've heard many times over the years in church or at youth group campfires or retreats. Stories of angelic intervention like "26 Guards" weren't common in our kind of church (that's more of a Pentecostal thing), but I heard dozens of variations of "The Anguishing Choice" or of "The Drawbridge Keeper."Such … [Read more...]

'It's not a lie if you believe it'

So says Seinfeld's George Costanza. But whether or not he really believed that is hard to say.It's often hard to say whether or not the speaker really believes what they're saying when they're saying something that isn't true. Yesterday we discussed a currently circulating political falsehood, trying to discern whether it was repeated as an outright lie or just an irresponsible rumor.The realm of untrue statements is large and incredibly diverse. It includes honest mistakes, honest … [Read more...]

Is Rick Perry a 'sucker,' or was he just lying?

Here's a good catch by Kevin Drum, by one of his readers in Iowa, and then by the Des Moines Register: "Rick Perry Gets Suckered by an Urban Legend."From Kevin's reader: I was at the Iowa State Fair today and caught Rick Perry's speech. He started talking about this stupid new regulation that would require farmers to get commercial drivers licenses if they drive their tractors across the road. I remember reading about this very issue on your blog so I yelled "That's not true" a couple of … [Read more...]

The Bible vs. The Facts?

I am a Christian. I'm also a Baptist and we Baptists aren't big on creeds. That's not because we necessarily disagree with the substance of those creeds, just that we don't agree with the idea that any authority should be permitted to compel or require every individual to assent to any given formulation of their faith. It's the same Baptist principle of "soul freedom" that led Baptists to fight for the separation of church and state here in America.But having made that anti-creedal Baptist … [Read more...]

Al Mohler on Adam and Eve vs. The Facts

Phil Plait just linked back to a 2009 post of his that's a favorite of mine. "I'm skeptical of denialism" discusses the important distinction between a skeptic and a denier.It's helpful to understand where Plait is coming from. He's an astronomer and the veteran of an epic battle with moon-landing deniers. Those are the folks who claim that human beings have never walked on the moon -- that the Apollo missions were a giant hoax and that Armstong, Aldrin and the rest were really filmed at a … [Read more...]