Is Rick Perry a 'sucker,' or was he just lying?

Here’s a good catch by Kevin Drum, by one of his readers in Iowa, and then by the Des Moines Register: “Rick Perry Gets Suckered by an Urban Legend.” From Kevin’s reader: I was at the Iowa State Fair today and caught Rick Perry’s speech. He started talking about this stupid new regulation that would [Read More...]

The Bible vs. The Facts?

I am a Christian. I’m also a Baptist and we Baptists aren’t big on creeds. That’s not because we necessarily disagree with the substance of those creeds, just that we don’t agree with the idea that any authority should be permitted to compel or require every individual to assent to any given formulation of their [Read More...]

Al Mohler on Adam and Eve vs. The Facts

Phil Plait just linked back to a 2009 post of his that’s a favorite of mine. “I’m skeptical of denialism” discusses the important distinction between a skeptic and a denier. It’s helpful to understand where Plait is coming from. He’s an astronomer and the veteran of an epic battle with moon-landing deniers. Those are the [Read More...]

Setting the record straight

“What’s an American Muslim to say to Herman Cain?” Dilshad D. Ali asks, struggling with how best to respond to the nasty anti-Muslim rants of the Republican presidential candidate. What makes this debate even trickier is that even though many American Muslims feel compelled to provide a sane, intelligent response when faced with anti-Islamic rhetoric, [Read More...]

A lamentation for an antivaxxer

At Respectful Insolence, Orac struggles to respond to “A disturbing post on an anti-vaccine blog.” The anti-vaccine movement rejects the medical science behind childhood vaccination, believing it to be linked somehow to autism. They used to be able to point to a single study — never replicated and often refuted — that claimed to support [Read More...]

Orthodoxy and ignorance

Mike Todd, writing about Rob Bell’s Love Wins and the (over)heated condemnation it has received, offers an insight into this fierce defense of rigid orthodoxies that collides neatly with our most recent Tribulation Force discussion. In particular, he explains why it is that real, true Christian heroes like Rayford Steele and Buck Williams cannot learn, [Read More...]

Never assume

My all-time favorite photo cutline from the Associated Press was for a picture of President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI. It read: “Pope Benedict XVI (left) welcomes U.S. President Barack Obama (right) at the Vatican.” It’s difficult to imagine a reader for whom the words “Pope Benedict XVI” and “President Barack Obama” are in [Read More...]

Orders of insanity

I've been enjoying watching Brad DeLong pull his hair out in frustration with those who are willing to make peace with madness if that is where their arguments lead. (DeLong is entertaining when he's exasperated.) Some of the relevant posts are here and here. The immediate provocation for all of this was the internally consistent, [Read More...]