Is Owen Strachan’s Bro-formed theology heretical?

The founding manifesto for the "biblical manhood" group is called "The Danvers Statement." That's never not funny.

Owen Strachan is president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Take a moment to appreciate what that entails and allow that to season what follow here with a bit of pity for the guy. Strachan has a difficult and thankless job. Whether he is the last to preside over that "complementarian" interest group or the second-to-last hardly matters. His role, at this stage in the organization's history, is to oversee its final waning days, attempting to steer it to the softest landing … [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things


Rachel Held Evans, "Should Jesus inform our Christianity? (A response to Sarah Palin, Al Mohler, & Me)" It is ironic that [Al] Mohler, who has been a tireless advocate for young earth creationism on the basis that “the straightforward and direct reading of [Genesis] describes seven 24-hour days,” does not seem to think that a straightforward and direct reading of Jesus’ teachings regarding violence is necessary. ... Funny how it’s easy to favor a “straightforward reading” … [Read more...]

My boat’s a magic couch on remote control


• Theologian Roger Olson is appalled by Baptist Bishop Al Mohler's enthusiasm for the death penalty: His reasoning is extremely weak, unless he’s a theocrat and wants the state to execute teenagers for rebelling against their parents and idolaters for worshiping false gods. His claim that capital punishment is a deterrent has been disproven many times. Finally, his caveats about how capital punishment is applied add up to a strong case for its abolition. • I took her to a supermarket. I … [Read more...]

You think I built this for me?


• Driving in to work last night, the lead stories on the news were flooding in Pensacola, Fla., and the derailing and explosion of an oil train in Lynchburg, Va. If twin disasters had struck, say, Las Vegas and San Francisco yesterday, we'd be knee-deep in the blasphemous theodicies of John Piper and Pat Robertson as they and others like them rushed to link those events to God's specific intervention to punish the specific sins of specific Other People. Be safe, Pensacola and Lynchburg. All … [Read more...]

Young-Earth creationism and the problem of telescopes (part 2)


Broadly speaking, young-Earth creationists offer four different versions of that mumbling reply to the problem of telescopes. They're worth looking at, briefly, because each reveals something about the character of these folks and of their ideology. 1. Deny, deny, deny. If the vast distances of space are a visible rebuttal of creationist claims about the age of the universe, then the simplest thing for creationists to do is to deny that such vast distances exist. If just looking up at the … [Read more...]

People have not always had domesticated camels. Or tomatoes. Or science.

It was a warm summer evening in ancient Greece. ...

"The Bible is a historical record, but it tells us just as much, if not more, about the people who wrote it as it does about the people they wrote about." That's Joel Baden writing about history of domesticated camels, which we discussed here last week. Baden, an Old Testament professor at Yale Divinity School, chooses not to judge the biblical writers harshly for mistakenly assuming that, since they had camels, everybody must always have had camels. Without any evidence to the contrary, it … [Read more...]

On the whiteness of Al Mohler’s White Theology


Dr. Platypus points us to Ken Schenck's review of a new book from Zondervan on Five Views of Biblical Inerrancy. Another title for this book might have been "Five White Guys Discuss the Hermeneutics of White People." The encouraging thing, though, is that Schenck says four of the five contributors to this volume seem to recognize that, at least somewhat. The contributors to this book include Southern Baptist Archbishop Al Mohler, Kevin Vanhoozer of Trinity seminary, Australian … [Read more...]

Al Mohler: SBC is the perfect combination of Sterling Cooper and Dunder Mifflin

Russell Moore will replace Richard Land as the Southern Baptist Convention's political spokesman.

Russell Moore is replacing Richard Land as the public face of the Southern Baptist Convention. Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been a long-time ally in Al Mohler's fundie/GOP/creationist/hierarchical insurgency in the nation's largest Protestant denomination. Like his mentor, Mohler, Moore is every bit the culture warrior that Land has been, but he's a full generation younger. That means he brings a bit more social-media savvy and a bit less … [Read more...]