Pray that you will be among those ‘left behind’


To promote their Rapture mythology, “Bible prophecy” enthusiasts turn to Matthew 24, as read through the filter of the Scofield Bible and the lyrics of a Larry Norman song. But Larry and Scofield very clearly get that passage wrong. They’re reading it backwards. In Matthew 24, getting “left behind” is a Good Thing. [Read more...]

Maybe God is trying to tell you something

Your fingers too short to box with God.

I’d advise Trump to stick to some nice, safe evangelical church this week — somewhere that doesn’t use the lectionary shared by most of the world’s Christians. I’m sure he can get his new fundie friends to recommend some local church that would be better-suited for him. Someplace more hospitable to Trump’s central campaign theme of inhospitality.
Some nice, safe white evangelical church, in other words, where Trump won’t have to worry about encountering a God who might be trying to tell him something. [Read more...]

Two Corinthians and Three Isaiahs


“Third Isaiah” is, in fact, fightin’ words in many white evangelical churches and institutions — even though the reference is not at all controversial (we might even say “innocuous”) among most evangelical clergy. This, again, reflects the gulf between what I’ve sometimes called the evangelical “faculty lounge” and the general evangelical populace. Evangelical leaders know many things that they cannot speak of outside of the faculty lounge. [Read more...]

Stonehenge, Yucca Mountain, and the Bible


How long can history and memory be preserved without any written record? And, even if we stipulate that some vestigial memory might linger after many centuries, is there any way to separate those legitimate memories and histories from all that has accumulated around them? It’s a tantalizing problem. We want to know more than we do — maybe more than we can — about the ancient past, but the record of it just isn’t there. What we have, instead, are ciphers and puzzles, with few clues to understanding them. [Read more...]

That time when five women sued God and won


Everybody is familiar with the story of Noah in the Bible, but many people don’t seem to realize that the Bible actually gives us two Noahs — two different stories about two very different people named Noah. That’s odd, in part, because the story of the other Noah appears three times. And because it’s a way better story. [Read more...]

NAE: Our politicized white theology has nothing to do with politics or race

Even White Jesus must bow down to the "highest authority" of the White Bible.

The National Association of Evangelicals invites you to bow down and worship the “highest authority.” No, not God, silly. The Bible — the “highest authority” before which even White Jesus must kneel in submission. [Read more...]

Lectionary line (11.14)

Here are my predictions for the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary you’ll be hearing preached on in sermons this Sunday, ranked from least- to most-likely. [Read more...]

Just before it all blows to pieces

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 5.23.40 PM

To tea-party Republicans in Maine, Episcopalians are dangerous “anti-Christian bigots.” Plus: An inspiring conversion narrative from Libby Anne; Scarlett Johansson reads the Bible; Mansonite white terrorists; and the red-cup guy battles imaginary Satanists while real Satanists take “GetReligion” to school. [Read more...]