How popular worship songs help fund an abuser


Bob Smietana’s exposé of a spiritually, financially, physically and sexually abusive “prosperity gospel” cult in Nashville is a fascinating, devastating and disturbing read. But it’s the link between that cult and one of the most popular “worship song” writers in white evangelicalism that gives this story broader importance. [Read more...]

Evil liberal media continues to persecute righteous white Christians by nitpicking about the sexual abuse of children


The Duggar scandal has reinforced support for Mike Huckabee among his chosen niche of white Southern Christian voters. He’s spun Josh Duggar’s creepy criminality into the self-aggrandizing narrative of “Christian persecution” by the nasty liberal media conspiracy. Huckabee’s defiant defense of a confessed child molester thus becomes evidence of his Christian virtue. Now we’ll see if Mike Huckabee can perform this same trick a second time. [Read more...]

ERLC-Watch-Watch: The Watchdog blog against watchdog blogs that might keep Southern Baptist leaders accountable


One way to avoid the kind of scandal that forced Richard Land out of the Southern Baptist ERLC would be for Southern Baptist leaders, going forward, to not spout racist garbage on the radio and not commit serial plagiarism. But Samuel James suggests another approach: suppressing all dissent and smothering public accountability under a fluffy pillow of sanctimonious blather. [Read more...]

Dives has apologized, Lazarus needs to learn how to forgive


The Parable of the Penitent Public Figure and the Unforgiving Patriarch Who Refused to Accept His Apology Like Jesus Commanded describes some very un-Christlike behavior on the part of Abraham and Lazarus. They don’t seem to understand that they have a duty to accept Dives’ apology and forgive him unconditionally. [Read more...]

The gospel of misogyny

Freeeeedommmmm! (Image via Uncyclomedia Commons)

Mark Driscoll’s so-called “apology” only reinforces and restates his gospel of misogyny. He apologizes for his tone and his language because, in his eyes, repeatedly comparing his targets to women is the worst possible thing anyone could say. Everything Driscoll identifies as bad, weak, dirty or evil he characterizes as feminine. Everything Driscoll identifies as feminine he characterizes as bad, weak, dirty or evil. He hasn’t apologized for that. He still doesn’t realize that is wrong. [Read more...]

Warning signs, how to help, and planning for safety


If you live in the Seattle area, there is help available. If you worship at a church in Seattle, there is help available. If you’re married to someone who works at a church in Seattle, there is help available. [Read more...]

Meteorologists explain the direction of the wind


“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan said. And we also shouldn’t need moral theologians with formal training to tell us that the leadership of our churches should consist of “individuals who are neither perpetrators nor enablers of abuse.” But apparently we do. [Read more...]

Tears for the perpetrators. Anger at the victims.


Those first two sentences cut to the heart of the matter: “Tears for the victims. Anger at the perpetrator.” That provides the basis for a very simple test for whether we’re opposing evil or abetting it. Who are we angry at? Who are we crying for? [Read more...]