When Christians argue that Jesus Christ has no religious significance

This is not Sallman's "Head of Christ." This is Hunstein's Head of Cash. I like this better.

An Ohio public school superintendent is defending the ginormous reproduction of Sallman’s Head of Christ that hangs in a Jackson City school building. He says the iconic portrayal of a white Gentile Jesus does not privilege or establish religion, but merely reflects “the culture of our community.” [Read more...]

Your lips say ‘school prayer,’ but your eyes tell me ‘desegregation’


Part of the problem with arguments about “prayer in schools” is that quite often they don’t seem to really be about prayer in schools. The anger and resentment over the loss of cultural hegemony the 1962 school prayer decision has come to symbolize seems to trace back earlier than 1962. About eight years earlier, I think. [Read more...]

Church & state and ‘beliefs’ that believers don’t care about


Hospitals really aren’t looking to hire medical professionals who don’t believe in professional medicine. Hiring a nurse who doesn’t “believe in” flu shots is a bit like hiring an auto mechanic who doesn’t believe in internal combustion. [Read more...]

Knocking on the White House door 150 years ago for a fireside chat on the eve of emancipation


“You come to me as God’s ministers, and you are positive that you know exactly what God’s will is. You tell me that slavery is a sin; but other’s of God’s ministers say the opposite – which am I to believe? You assume that you only have the knowledge of God’s will.”
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When is a religion not a religion?


Bill O’Reilly and Mat Staver are both trying to justify Christian privilege. They want the free exercise clause of the First Amendment to apply to Christianity, and exclusively to Christianity (and maybe Jews, too, if they behave). And they want the no establishment clause of the First Amendment to apply to every religion except for Christianity. [Read more...]

The religious liberty right to believe that algebra is an abortifacient


The student’s beliefs are factually wrong — demonstrably so. Her beliefs are based on poor exegesis, scientific ignorance, a haughty disdain for others, and a preference for fearful lies over objective truth. Yet they remain her beliefs. And thus, Rutherford says, she has a legal right to be foolishly, fearfully wrong. [Read more...]

With friends like Caesar, the church doesn’t need enemies


Two red-state stories about the dismal state of church and state, both of which feature pious government officials “helping” the church by treating it as servant and subsidiary the state. [Read more...]

Hitting the ground like bags of wet cement


Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP; Art Simon on gratitude; Goblinbooks on the pilgrims — “enemies of liiberty, opponents of everything America can be;” Squanto and Doctor Who; and why I’m grateful that Providence beat Plymouth and Williams beat Winthrop. [Read more...]