Dear Churches: This is how to talk about clergy sex abuse


Lt. Gen. David Morrison, chief of the Australian army, demonstrates how a leader ought to respond to allegations of sexual abuse by trusted officers within the organization that leader is responsible to lead. Morrison is blunt, unequivocal and clear. And he is angry. No excuses, no exceptions. The tone and substance of this message conveys everything that leaders of the various Christian churches have failed to convey. [Read more...]

Flaccid ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ fizzles for fathers

The “Fortnight for Freedom” was a flop. This was supposed to be a game-changer — the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ big display of political might. But instead it exposed the bishops as inept campaigners and as generals without an army. I thought they’d be better at this sort of thing. They had some formidable [Read More...]

A priest tells the truth; a cardinal lies

Here’s a snippet from a rabidly anti-Catholic rant from a writer incensed by the Vatican’s recent crackdown against women, LGBT people, nuns and Girl Scouts: The Vatican is hypocritical and duplicitous. Their belief is always that someone else needs to clean up their act; the divorced, the gays, the media, the US nuns, the Americans [Read More...]

On thrones and princes, a clarification and an apology


I think there are (at least) two problems with my post yesterday about thrones — two problems arising from my mistakes. One of those problems requires some clarification, which I’ll try to provide here. And it requires an apology, which I will provide here. The other highlights what seems to be a deeper contradiction in [Read More...]

The American Game of Thrones


The other day I mentioned the “thrones” of the U.S. Catholic bishops. That was not a figure of speech. They have cathedra — big fancy chairs that serve as the thrones of bishops. What are these thrones for? Well, they’re only symbols, some might say. But all thrones are only symbols. They are symbols that [Read More...]

Diocese disses Donohue

I don’t much care for Bill Donohue. He has a history of reckless dishonesty and his often-counterproductive demagoguery suggests that he cares more about his own success as a fearmongering direct-mail money-maker than about any of the real or imagined threats to religious liberty he claims to defend through his non-church-related Catholic League. I see [Read More...]

Bishop’s gambit

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, where at least three priests have been accused of sexual abuse, is headed by Bishop Michael Sheridan. Sheridan, The Denver Post reports, has recently found a way for his diocese to make national headlines about something other than the buggering of adolescent boys: The bishop of Colorado's second-largest [Read More...]