A grove of aspen trees that proves Ken Ham is full of it

You can study legitimate biblical scholars and learn from them that Ken Ham is full of crap and that his “Answers in Genesis” are based on recent, illiterate misreadings of the Bible. Or you can go to Utah and stand in the shade of trees that prove it. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things

Uwe Reinhardt says Europeans visiting the U.S. marvel at infrastructure that reminds them of the 1960s; Alex Knapp points out that if the Earth is only 9,000 years old, then none of our technology should work; Rachel Held Evans discusses her least-favorite adjective; and Richard Beck discusses the economy of submission. [Read more...]

Bulgarian town survived Noah’s flood

Even more remarkable than the ancient town’s unique fortifications or its “peculiar burial positions and objects found in the graves,” of course, is that this settlement was built and occupied by humans centuries before the creation of the universe. And not only did these Neolithic Bulgarians construct huge walls without “the wheel and cart,” their community also seems to have survived Noah’s flood. [Read more...]

Fighting for a system built to fail

Anti-science Republican Rep. Paul Broun is unopposed on the ballot for re-election to his U.S. Congress seat from Georgia. But Broun — the “lies from the pit of Hell” guy — is now facing a bipartisan challenge. Georgians who care about reality are waging a write-in campaign for Charles Darwin. [Read more...]

If we won’t let Esther speak, at least listen to Mordecai

I’m happy to learn of The Mordecai Project — although not nearly as happy as I would be to learn of The Esther Project. But still, this is a positive step, particularly given that most conservative evangelical “books, preaching, mentoring, leadership conferences, ministerial retreats and television programs” seem to be supporting The Ahasuerus Project, or even The Haman Coalition, when it comes to the spiritual gifts and ministries of women. [Read more...]

Things that are not in the Bible: ‘In the creation account, God creates Adam and Eve, the world and everything in it in six days.’

Adam and Eve are not part of the story of God creating “the world and everything in it in six days.” The book of Genesis never says that “Adam and Eve” were created on the sixth day. The first chapter of Genesis tells a six-day creation story and Adam and Eve do not appear in it. OK, then. [Read more...]

I mean it, don’t make me turn this car around …

“Stop hitting your sister” is an inadequate statement in that it’s not a comprehensive argument for or against anything larger, yet nonetheless it sometimes needs to be said. Beliefs and character shape behavior, and in the big picture those are what matter most and thus what most need to be addressed. But in the short term, it is often necessary just to call out the bad behavior. [Read more...]