Their Old Kentucky Home: Ken Ham, Al Mohler and Big Bone Lick


The two men live and work about 100 miles apart in Kentucky, but when it comes to young-Earth creationism, there’s no space between them at all. It’s odd that science-aversion, reality-denial and wacky exegesis makes Ken Ham a comic figure, while the very same science-aversion, reality-denial and wacky exegesis is hailed as evidence of Al Mohler’s pious devotion to the “authority of the scriptures.” [Read more...]

‘Noah’s workshop’ should not look like the Renaissance Fair

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My point here is not to nitpick about the anachronistic metallurgy of the Ark Encounter. What I’m getting at here is that Ken Ham’s reality-denying “creation science” doesn’t just dismiss all of human history and natural history from before 6,000 years ago. It’s worse than that. His “creation science” also forces him to disregard most of human history and natural history within those 6,000 years. [Read more...]

Creationists aim to be kings of their own tiny little worlds

This painting of a bull on a cave wall in Lascoux, France, is at least 17,000 years old.

I’ve written plenty here about Southern Baptist bigwig Al Mohler’s young-Earth creationism. And I’ve written about Mohler’s staggering, transparent ambition. But I hadn’t ever really appreciated how those two things fit together until I read Alan Bean’s recent insightful post, “Why Al Mohler believes the world is 6,000 years old.” [Read more...]

7 more things that are older than (Ken Ham’s) Adam

Upheaval Dome in Utah is either an ancient meteor impact site, about 170 million years old. Or else it's where Noah's anchor scraped the bottom during the flood 4,400 years ago. Teach the controversy.

Ken Ham and other young-Earth creationists tell us the universe is 6,000 years old. The universe says different. Here are a few more things recently in the news that are older than Ken Ham’s universe. [Read more...]

8 more things that are older than Adam


Ken Ham and other young-Earth creationists maintain that the universe is about 6,000 years old. Here’s a list of recent items in the news that are all older than that — from dinosaurs to Doggerland. [Read more...]

Why Millennials are leaving the church


Very often, it’s because the church lied to them. Specifically, it’s often because the church lied to them about the age of the Earth. [Read more...]

Fundamentalism vs. reality: How fundie faith destroys itself

Fundamentalism: Take out one piece and the whole thing topples to the ground.

The larger problem is that according to fundamentalism, those falsehoods are inextricably linked to everything else. Everything. So if it turns out that the Earth is actually 4.5 billion years old, then, according to fundamentalism, life has no meaning, happiness is impossible, love is illusion, Jesus is dead, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins, and we are of all people most to be pitied. [Read more...]

Sin and death and drosophila


I think the Apostle Paul would be surprised — and rather angry — to learn that later Christians were attempting to twist Romans 5 into a statement about biology, but that is what John Piper is saying we must do. Piper is saying that Romans teaches that nothing died before humans sinned. Every mayfly, every fruit fly, every microscopic organism, every creature and every cell of every creature, he says, was immortal until humankind sinned. Biology does not work that way. [Read more...]