Pounding up against the stone and steel


“A little courage goes a long, long way / Get’s you a little bit further down the road each day / And before you know it, you’ll hear someone say / That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.” And in other news: Elizabeth Warren takes on the lords of credit-scoring, bad Lifetime movies, messy ecclesiology, and Jimmy Carter’s presidential film festival. [Read more...]

Now and then another bud unfolds


Please, please someone get an account for “Christian dating” app Collide and list Ruth 3:4 as your favorite verse. Also: NYC strikes a blow against the “credit score” scam; another post-sincerity religious exemption; everything you need to know about journalism in one headline; and a reminder that God is not a lethally incompetent railway worker. [Read more...]

Feel our souls wear out and our laces break


Some Monday morning links, including: Joseph and the Appalling Totalitarian Despot revisited; our credit overlords tweak their formula; maternal mules; tearing the corporate veil; and grinning in the presence of mine enemies. [Read more...]

I find it rough going in expressing myself

Screenshot 2014-02-11 at 11.05.17 PM

Oh good, another huge snowstorm. A historically disreputable abbot. The archbishop takes sides with the drag queen. Credit-rating agencies are very good at being terrible at their jobs. The majestic equality of Florida law. Why Bible-reading doesn’t count as “Bible-minded.” [Read more...]

Puffy shirt

Identity theft is, at best, an enormous hassle for the victim. At worst it can be devastating. Victims’ “credit rating” can be destroyed, forcing them to pay the PPR (poor person’s rate) for everything from credit cards to insurance. For the life of me, though, I can’t imagine a circumstance in which being the victim [Read More...]

Keeping Score

The good news, for now, is that TXU Energy, the largest electric utility in Texas, has postponed its plan to use “credit scoring” for setting its rates. Get used to hearing about credit scoring. It’s the wave of the future for utilities, insurance companies — even for phone, cable and Internet providers. The basic idea [Read More...]

Laser-guided Red-lining

Here's another article on an issue that burns me up. Auto insurers are using customers' credit ratings as a factor in pricing their insurance. The upshot — poor people pay more than rich people do. (See this earlier post.) As James Baldwin says, "It's expensive bein' poor." And it's not just auto insurance. More and [Read More...]