Good solid pro-family evangelical Southern Baptists

Charlie Fuqua is an anti-abortion Southern Baptist and, therefore, a good evangelical.

Charlie Fuqua says he’s just reading the Bible like any good Christian should. And the Bible, he says, teaches that “God’s Law” should be American law. So Fuqua supports a biblical, pro-family agenda of outlawing abortion, reinstating school prayer, deporting all Muslim citizens, abolishing the minimum wage, and executing rebellious children and any prisoner not rehabilitated after two years. [Read more...]

Hail to thee, our alma mater

A couple of recent posts elsewhere have me thinking back to my childhood as a student at a private, fundamentalist Christian school in New Jersey. Stuff Fundies Like just finished “Back to School Week,” ranging from kindergarten to college. I particularly liked this bit, from the post on high school: By the time a young [Read More...]

Richard John Neuhaus did not think dominionism was a myth

Richard John Neuhaus, the neoconservative intellectual and editor of the journal First Things, thought that adherents of “dominion theology” were nutty, but he did not think they were inconsequential. In his May 1990 article “Why Wait for the Kingdom? The Theonomist Temptation,” Neuhaus introduced the prominent players and prominent ideas in play among the “theonomists” [Read More...]

The fans might hate the movie

The good news for any filmmaker planning to do a Civil War movie is that you can tap into a pre-existing fan-base of enthusiastic Civil War buffs who are sure to generate plenty of buzz for the project. The bad news is that this same fan-base might just kill your movie if you don’t get [Read More...]

If Michelle Bachmann doesn't want to be regarded as having close ties to dominionists then she should stop hiring them

Douglas Groothius clutches his pearls, flutters his handkerchief and collapses on his fainting couch over Ryan Lizza’s scandalous suggestion in The New Yorker that Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., has ties to advocates of “dominionist” theology. That fainting couch is quite crowded with evangelical critics of Lizza’s piece, all adamantly insisting that Bachmann is far, far [Read More...]


Via Atrios, we read Rick Perlstein's Village Voice report on a meeting between various White House staffers and representatives of the Apostolic Congress — a Pentecostal group that's pretty fringe-y and esoteric, even by Pentecostal standards. Perlstein correctly points out that this splinter-group of a splinter-group of Christians has some frightening notions of foreign policy [Read More...]

C.S. Lewis on theocracy

The following is from an essay, “A Reply to Professor Haldane,” which was published after C.S. Lewis’ death and can be found, most recently, in the collection On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature. Lewis’ comments were brought to my attention by bellatrys in comments to this post, and I’m cutting and pasting the quote [Read More...]