A bad year for the roses: Big boxes could be source of environmental data

A photo from the Suffolk News-Herald shows Charles Abadam tracking mosquito populations the old-fashioned way for the Suffolk, Va., Mosquito Control Division.

Monitoring mosquito populations is a difficult, messy and expensive task for state environmental and health agencies. It might be helpful to supplement those efforts with information gleaned from the sales records of the big box chains. [Read more...]

In starry fields you wander there

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A few things, including: What it means if “you don’t see any gap between God and your understanding of God;” magical crimes; arrogant academic blogger gets schooled; on the ethics of “punching down;” refuting a perennial anti-environmental lie; and an honest politician in Louisiana. [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war (5.29)


“Listen! The wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. You have lived on the earth in luxury and in pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.” [Read more...]

I think it’s gonna change, much sooner than later


A few things: Kudos to the National Weather Service and to the bureaucrats who wrote the standards and regulations for skylights. Two of my favorite writers on the subject of pastor’s kids. Just because The Liar Tony Perkins’ followers are too credulous to use Google doesn’t excuse his contemptuous treatment of them. North Carolina legislators worried about dangerous chemicals, scurry to protect chemical companies from liability. Bela Lugosi’s dead, indeed. [Read more...]

I drive my car, it is a witness


Some weekend links: “And then the woman let out a cry. I cannot describe it.” … Franklin Graham redefines “biblical truths.” … Liars for Jesus (contraception, Planned Parenthood, etc. — the usual) … An energy audit by the Godfather of Soul. … The whitest company in America. [Read more...]

A wise guy in the sky invites you to his guilty party

The perpetual catechizing by tribal gatekeepers; 2014 Pat Robertson denounces evil, socialist 2008 Pat Robertson; lots of free pizza in the pipeline for Fracksylvania; the twilight of the haters. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (8.14)

Richard Rohr explains his hermeneutic, which is about Jesus, not literalism; Kiese Laymon on “The Worst of White Folks;” Helaine Olen on the victim-blaming “tyranny of personal finance;” Erik Loomis on outsourcing slave-wages and poison; and Cheryl Overs on how dehumanizing sex workers dehumanizes us all. [Read more...]

The bad faith of climate-deniers cannot be denied

Either this Alaskan permafrost is melting due to climate change, or else it is deliberately choosing to melt as part of the design -- the grand "game plan" of a "global warming fraud" intended to produce the big government secretly desired by the malicious Arctic soil.

If ice and dirt are not capable of willfully acting in bad faith, then the House Republican’s claim that “global warming is a total fraud and it is being designed” cannot be true. Unless inanimate objects are capable of fraud and deliberate dishonesty, the bad faith in this dispute cannot lie on the side of those claiming the reality of climate change. If dirt is not purposeful and evil, then the bad faith must lie on the other side. [Read more...]