Mayo Clinic study: Rhino-horn extract killed Michael Jackson

It's really a shame how damaging taking rhinoceros horn as "medicine" turns out to be.

That headline is not true. But given that the truth seems irrelevant to the problem of saving the world's few remaining rhinos, I think it might just be necessary.Rhinoceros are being slaughtered by poachers who sell the horns for as much as a $1 million for use in fraudulent "medicines" claiming to treat everything from impotence to hangover to cancer. NPR's Frank Langfitt had a disturbing and depressing report on this today on All Things Considered, "Vietnam's Appetite for Rhino Horn … [Read more...]

Senators clarify the terms of the disagreement

With Hollywood's wizardry and George Soros' money behind it, the special effects making the climate-change hoax look real have been especially convincing. (Getty Images photo of a drought-stricken field in Illinois by Scott Olson.)

Meanwhile in the "greatest deliberative body in the world," the Environment and Public Works Committee met recently, allowing senators to take a break from doing nothing about gun safety by instead doing nothing about climate change.Given the chasm between their opposing views on climate change, I thought this exchange between independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Republican James Inhofe of Oklahoma was remarkably civil. The senators succeeded in clarifying the terms of their … [Read more...]

YouTube and the God of Job


(Note: I agree with Duncan today. I don't need to add to the cacophony on the events in Boston, but "feel like talking about anything else is just weird." So I'm pre-empting this week's Left Behind Friday post and replacing it with the following. Feel free to ignore the idiosyncratic theologizing in the post below and just enjoy the links.)I love the book of Job, which features, among other things, a longer and more celebratory creation account than the ones in Genesis.Job is a play … [Read more...]

In the story of Noah, climate change is humans’ fault

Entrance to the Museum of the Good Samaritan (photo by Josh Envin).

The story of Noah in the book of Genesis does not invite a "literal" reading. It cannot even be made to tolerate such a reading.This is not a historical story. It is not told to say, "Here is a thing that really happened and I am telling it to you, first of all, so that you will know that this was a thing that really happened."It is not that kind of story. The story itself tells us it is not that kind of story. And thus to read it that way is to fail to listen to what the story itself is … [Read more...]

Those elusive green shoots of green evangelicals

This year the Evangelical Environmental Network celebrates 20 years of being ignored or marginalized as "controversial." Um, yay, I guess.

"Evangelical Environmentalists" is the headline for a recent piece at The subhed reads: Ben Whitford reports on an unlikely yet growing movement in the U.S. which embraces the Christian God but also preaches protection of, rather than dominion over, the natural world. I've been reading articles like this one for more than 20 years. I've written a bunch myself.But the problem is that this latest version is exactly the same as the articles from 20 years ago.A … [Read more...]

Another ‘Noah’s Ark,’ but this one might be OK

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 1.30.58 PM

Oh no, not another one: A company in Hialeah, Florida has embarked on a crusade of biblical proportions: they're building a full-size version of Noah's Ark from the book of Genesis. Since we're stubbornly refusing to heed the science about climate change -- making cataclysmic sea-level rises ever-more likely -- it might not hurt to have a whole fleet of seaworthy arks ready to go. And, as this map (via) showing what a 5-meter sea level rise would mean for south Florida shows, Hialeah might … [Read more...]

Climate change is both a hoax and a sign of the End Times


Susie Madrak tells us about Sen. James Inhofe's latest climate-change-denial press conference. This time the Oklahoma Republican brought along some friends, including an unhinged British Lord, Christopher Monckton, and Cathie Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum.Adams, also a former chair of the Texas GOP, believes that climate change is part of the Antichrist's plot to create one world government.Yes, really. If that seems like it's something right out of the Left Behind novels, … [Read more...]

Never side with the boss against the people who handle your food

"I don't mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one."

"Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" was a nasty display of tribal solidarity against outsiders -- Eat More Chicken to show your support for the religious freedom of hating gay people. It was a weird, but briefly profitable, stunt for the chicken chain.But the half-hearted attempt to create "I Stand With Papa John's Day" presents a whole new level of hazard.It's one thing to ask someone to prepare you a chicken sandwich as an expression of your dislike for gay civil rights. It's something else … [Read more...]