Climate change is both a hoax and a sign of the End Times


“Bible prophecy scholars” insist that the Rapture and the End of the World are prophesied to occur in our lifetime. That’s what makes us special. It means that the Bible was written mainly for and about us — for and about the special 21st-century white Americans in whose special lifetimes these prophecies were ordained by God to occur. [Read more...]

Never side with the boss against the people who handle your food

"I don't mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one."

It’s one thing to ask someone to prepare you a chicken sandwich as an expression of your dislike for gay civil rights. It’s something else entirely to ask people to prepare and deliver you a pizza as an expression of your contempt for the people who prepare and deliver your pizza. [Read more...]

A belated happy Carl Sagan Day


“As scientists, many of us have had profound experiences of awe and reverence before the universe. We understand that what is regarded as sacred is more likely to be treated with care and respect. Our planetary home should be so regarded. Efforts to safeguard and cherish the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred.” [Read more...]

Climate change denial as real estate ploy?

What is John Droz’s end-game? I’m assuming he has one. I’m assuming here that Droz — “a real estate investor who owns properties along the North Carolina coast” — has some kind of long-term plan in mind. Apart from being a wealthy coastal developer, Droz is also involved in the lucrative business of climate-change denialism. [Read More...]

George Will is running out the clock on climate change

George Will is 71 years old. He’s simply running out the clock. Yes, he’s utterly and ridiculously wrong about climate change, but he’s been denying it for so long that his denial of it has become an essential part of his identity — how he perceives himself, how others perceive him, and how he perceives [Read More...]

Why it’s easy to rationalize the immoral position of not treating climate change as a moral issue

A couple of years back I explored the stubborn American denial of climate change as, in part, a consequence of denying blame. In that post — “All are responsible” — I wrote: It seems easiest to get us humans to respond — to take responsibility — when the matter at hand is unambiguously no fault [Read More...]

‘The Big Four’ — ‘the package deal of Christianity’

Jonathan Dudley in Broken Words: The Abuse of Science and Faith in American Politics: I learned a few things growing up as an evangelical Christian: that abortion is murder; homosexuality, sin; evolution, nonsense; and environmentalism, a farce. I learned to accept these ideas — the “big four” — as part of the package deal of [Read More...]

The ‘Big Four’ markers of the evangelical tribe

Not all of the Big Four carry equal weight. I’ve commended Jonathan Dudley’s excellent book, Broken Words, for his frank and insightful assessment of the four tribal markers that characterize the boundaries of American evangelicalism: abortion, homosexuality, evolution and environmentalism. Opposition to all four of those constitutes evangelical tribal identity. Such opposition need not be [Read More...]