Less mercury pollution is a Good Thing


Jess Zimmerman at Grist calls our attention to a photo archive showing “What America looked like before the EPA“: In 1972, the year-old EPA had photographers traverse the country to document the (often dire) state of the environment. This project, Documerica, was “the visual echo of the mission of the EPA,” according to one photographer. [Read More...]

‘Broken Words’ and the freedom to ask questions


I recently listed Jonathan Dudley’s Broken Words: The Abuse of Science and Faith in American Politics along with other spiritual memoirs by younger writers challenging aspects of what they have been taught in the American evangelical subculture. “Memoir” isn’t really the right word for Dudley’s book, which is more impersonal and analytical than that implies. [Read More...]

Climate denialism: ‘It’s about ideology, not facts’

The big news last week on climate change wasn’t news at all, just more of the same. A lot more of exactly the same. The Guardian reports: “Global warming study finds no grounds for climate skeptics’ concerns: Independent investigation of the key issues skeptics claim can skew global warming figures reports that they have no [Read More...]

Joe Carter says facts and truth are subjective matters of opinion

Joe Carter of First Things is horrified that Karl Giberson and Randall J. Stephens would dare to besmirch the honor of intellectual giants like David Barton, Ken Ham and James Dobson. Carter leaps to their defense with a two pronged strategy of First Things’ usual self-aggrandizing  huff-and-puffery (calling their op-ed “the type of sophomoric, bias-confirming [Read More...]

AFA warns of climate change … wait … what?

The American Family Association is a religious right organization that is viewed as a bastion of wild-eyed right-wing extremism even by other religious right organizations. AFA is the home of, for example, Bryan Fischer, who seems almost to believe the outrageous and vile things he regularly says about gays, Muslims, Mormons, and the rest of [Read More...]

Evangelicals vs. science

When the Evangelical Environmental Network first launched, the core of our message was simple: If you love the Creator, you ought to care for the creation. I still find the logic of that message compelling and unassailable. If you believe that God made this world, then love of God ought to entail a corresponding love [Read More...]

Reasons for hope, part 1

An excellent question, from comments: Is there any reason for hope? … What is there to be hopeful about? I think everyone has asked that question at some point. If you haven’t, then you should have — it’s one of the most important questions there is. And it’s a question that calls for more than [Read More...]

Crops without plowing

Via ABL on Balloon Juice, this quote from loathesome con-man “historian” David Barton in a Sept. 2009 Texas textbook review (.pdf link): Multiple locations in the TEKS even suggest that it is people from “racial, ethnic, and religious groups” who “expand political rights in American society.” This is an absolutely false premise. Only majorities can [Read More...]