Postcards from the culture wars


Dispatches from war correspondents on the battlefield, including: “Love the bigot, hate the bigotry;” James Dobson says pastors will be imprisoned; Pat Robertson warns against D&D; Antonin Scalia and the dustbin of history; truth and lies about birth control; and Jonathan Papelbon blows a save. [Read more...]

Liberty Counsel redefining ‘Christian’ just as Falwell did


The beginning of that court battle back in 1976 was the spark that set the religious right ablaze. Falwell denounced the revocation of Bob Jones University’s tax-exempt status as government interference in Christian schools in the same terms Barber is using today: “the criminalization of Christianity” and “the government against Christians.” Falwell made that argument in 1976 in defense of Bob Jones’ racial discrimination. Matt Barber is making that argument in 2013 in defense of discrimination against LGBT people. [Read more...]

Delaware House passes marriage equality


Following New Zealand’s lead, the Delaware state House of Representatives votes to approve marriage equality. But Delaware legislators failed to follow the Kiwis example by celebrating with a beloved traditional Delaware love song. I suppose George Thorogood’s “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” wouldn’t really have been appropriate anyway. [Read more...]

Tone-deaf with perfect pitch: A new plan to chase young people away from the church, one-by-one


His first reaction to reading Nash’s explanation of why so many young people no longer feel welcome in the church was to pick up the telephone and personally inform a young person that she was no longer welcome in the church. Faced with Nash’s eloquent complaint that young people were figuratively being forced out of the church, his first reaction was to actually force a young person out of the church. [Read more...]

‘Be ye not afraid’: Kiwi MP’s terrific speech on marriage equality


“The sun will still rise tomorrow. … Your mortgage will not grow. You will not have skin diseases or rashes, or toads in your beard, sir. The world will just carry on. So don’t make this into a big deal. This is fantastic for the people it affects, but for the rest of us, life will go on.” [Read more...]

Postcards from the culture war


“A Scout is kind” and other, less-heartening, scenes from our ongoing moral panic, including: Bible-thumping; “gay sex makes people explode;” mandatory hiring of Satan-worshipers; legislator surprised to learn “religious” and “Christian” are not synonyms; and a response to David Barton’s argument for “just” genocide. [Read more...]

Jim Wallis sounds an uncertain trumpet on marriage equality


When you don’t ask questions, you’re not leading. You’re following. When it comes to marriage equality, Jim Wallis still seems to be a follower. But at least now he’s following a better set of leaders. [Read more...]

People get ready, there’s a train a-coming


Dannika Nash writes an open letter to the church: “We want to stay in your churches, we want to hear about your Jesus, but it’s hard to hear about love from a God who doesn’t love our gay friends (and we all have gay friends). Help us find love in the church before we look for it outside.” [Read more...]