Other voices: Evangelicals outside the right wing

“Regent University president, evangelical church leaders denounce Alabama’s immigration law“ Regent University President Carlos Campo and several people identifying themselves as national evangelical Christian leaders held a press conference in Kelly Ingram Park today to denounce Alabama’s new immigration law. “We believe Alabama is a better place if they rescind this law,” said Campo. Regent [Read More...]

Richard Land, Bocephus and the Scandal of Evangelical Ethics


Hank Williams Jr. lost his job with ESPN recently after saying on a talk show that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are “the enemy” and comparing them to “Hitler.” Williams, sometimes known as “Bocephus,” had a long-time gig singing before the Monday night NFL game every week. That gig is now over [Read More...]

Richard Land openly embraces the mendacious lifestyle

This man says things he knows are not true. For Jesus.

I noted the other day that I was glad to see Southern Baptist lobbyist Richard Land saying some reasonable things about immigration and commending a more civil approach to politics. “Instead of attacking the person,” Land said, “we deal with issues.” Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch notes that: This would be the same Richard [Read More...]

Encountering the self-proclaimed popes of evangelicalism

Peter LaBarbera is founder of the anti-gay group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality — “dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda.” Earlier this week, LaBarbera published an open letter to Dr. Warren Throckmorton, calling on the psychology professor to repent and apologize for refusing to pretend that “ex-gay ministries” actually succeed in praying away the [Read More...]

Looking beyond their needs to determine fault

It’s been several days and I’m still a bit gobsmacked by the perverse audacity of Herman Cain’s oddly lovely rendition of “He Looked Beyond My Faults.” Cain is the frontrunner in a Republican presidential primary characterized above all by the opposite impulse from what that song is about. Amazing grace shall always be my song [Read More...]

‘And the second is like unto it’

Jason at blip reads Peter Rollins’ Insurrection, and mostly likes it. His praise is qualified by this criticism, which I find thoughtful and thought-provoking: As much as I like Rollins’ insistence on loving the other as the way in which we love God, this is also where I disagree as well.  For in his insistence [Read More...]

Creationism and Charles Fort’s talking dog

Patheos is hosting a book club this month on W. Scott Poole’s Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting. It’s great fun and a whipsmart book, and I will have a more formal contribution to the discussion of it a bit later. For now, though, I just want to share [Read More...]

Godly links with contentment are great gain

“Responsible action must decide not simply between right and wrong, good and evil, but between right and right, wrong and wrong.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer I wish I’d read that Bonhoeffer sentence last week before babbling on for too long in this post trying to say the same thing. “I threw out the moneylenders for a [Read More...]