Felonious nipples, VAWA & stories hidden in plain sight


North Carolina plan says show a breast, lose the right to vote; the bad old days were not that long ago; congratulations to Gomer Pyle; two famous Freds and why it’s easier to compare myself to the evil one; patriarchal Christian movie wants evangelicals to oppose birth control. [Read more...]

The Bible, Steve Chalke, Wilberforce and ‘The Civil War as a Theological Crisis’


“How has the whole Church found itself believing something about slavery which is so at odds with the Bible?” prominent British evangelical Steve Chalke asks. It’s an interesting question. Christians today unanimously condemn slavery as a grave moral evil. The Bible condones it. Christians who insist we must never be “at odds with the Bible” are, in fact, at odds with the Bible — at least according to their own understanding of what that means. [Read more...]

Muslim students, lofty neutrality toward the Other, and the Miley Rule

Whether it’s a Christian majority struggling to come to terms with their Muslim neighbors or a cisgendered majority advising a “position” of no position toward those unlike them, valuable wisdom can be found in the words of Miley Cyrus: Just put yourself in that person’s shoes. [Read more...]

Missouri-Synod Lutherans: Interfaith action against gay people is fine, but not prayers for slain children


Praying for the victims of tragedy with other members of the community is forbidden. But interfaith coalitions are just fine when it comes to kicking LGBT people. This isn’t hypocrisy. It’s just that the people in charge of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod hate gays way more than they love the schoolchildren of Sandy Hook. [Read more...]

TMI, barbecue and other people’s sex lives


Justin Lee offers a smart, gentle lesson about why we shouldn’t obsess over the sex lives of other people. Mike Moore offers a similar, but not quite so gentle lesson on the same point, and by the time he’s done, somebody won’t be allowed in that barbecue joint anymore. [Read more...]

Outsourcing theocracy to Uganda: This is what bad fruit looks like


Uganda is 85-percent Christian. The U.S. is 70-percent Christian. This is not about missions or missionaries or the gospel, this is about outsourcing theocracy. And what these purported Christians are promoting in Uganda is evil. This is a tree bearing bad fruit. [Read more...]

Evangelical Alliance responds to Simon Peter’s dangerous sermon in Acts 11


This statement surfaced yesterday in response to the recent controversy surrounding Simon Peter and the household of Cornelius, a Roman centurion and dirty Gentile from Caesarea, whom Peter embraced despite the clear teachings of scripture. It’s a fascinating glimpse of how the early church defended the scriptures against Peter’s dangerous, unbiblical ideas. [Read more...]

‘There’s nothing mutual about it’: White evangelicals, privileged distress and grievance envy


I think what we’re seeing from white evangelicals after the Giglio controversy, and what we saw earlier on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, is the struggle of a group poised between those two choices, those two possible responses: Adaptation or counter-revolution. This awkward moment between possibilities is characterized by what I’ll call grievance envy. [Read more...]