Religious right still doesn’t know what ‘civil disobedience’ means

John Lewis (left) and Jim Zwerg in 1961 in Montgomery, Ala.

Civil disobedience can be a powerful tool of nonviolent change, but it is really only appropriate or effective in response to an unjust legal prohibition. It does not apply easily or work well as a protest against what one regards as an unjust lack of legal prohibition. It’s hard to disobey a law that grants permission. [Read more...]

Christian QUILTBlogs: A new, improved list


A new, improved (but still not comprehensive or complete) listing of some terrific blogs written by LGBT Christians. This list is not ranked by traffic or popularity, but if you like, think of this as The 66 Top LGBT Christian Blogs in the Known Universe. [Read more...]

Training up children in the way they should go


I’m exaggerating, of course. The religious right isn’t really deathly afraid that these children will all turn gay because they once heard a nice story about a same-sex couple. The religious right is actually deathly afraid that having once heard such a story these children will grow up to be more tolerant of and kinder too same-sex couples. [Read more...]

Why the white evangelical religious right can no longer presume to claim moral superiority


The religious right lost the argument and the moral high ground because the other side met them toe-to-toe: You want to argue about abortion on moral grounds? Great, let’s do that. We say your opposition to legal abortion is immoral, and here’s why. You want to argue about the morality of same-sex marriage? Fine. We say your opposition to marriage equality is immoral, and here’s why. [Read more...]

Why I’m worried about ‘Election Day Communion’


And here, I think, we’re back in the ugly arena of compulsory forgiveness. We’re back in the realm of saying, “You really need to forgive your brother in Christ for standing on your neck” as though the Christian under the boot, and not the one wearing it, was the problem. [Read more...]

Another list: Where are all the Christian LGBTQ bloggers?


I’vebeen trying to compile a list of LGBTQ Christian blogs. As with the Bonfire, this started for the benefit of my own RSS feed subscriptions. But I also want to share this list because there are some terrific voices, writers, artists and thinkers here who deserve to be heard whether or not the tribal gatekeepers deign to permit them a “seat at the table.” And because by sharing this list, I hope that others can alert me to still other blogs and voices that I’m unaware of and missing out on. [Read more...]

Chick-fil-A Biblical Family of the Day


“We support biblical families,” Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy says of his fast-food corporation. So let’s take a look at some of those biblical families. Today’s entry: Lot’s family in Sodom. [Read more...]

‘The arguments sounded so similar … that I got them confused’

A Missouri pastor reminds us of the bold stance that white segregationists took a generation ago to defend biblical authority. [Read more...]