‘An excellent job at de-evangelization’


If you set out deliberately to destroy the church and pervert the gospel, you probably still couldn't come up with anything as diabolically effective as the teavangelical nonsense of the angry white religious right. William Lindsey: It's not quite accurate to say that the top pastoral leaders of the Catholic church in the U.S. are doing nothing to address the exodus of younger Catholics from the church due to the church's homophobia. As a collective body, the bishops of the Catholic church … [Read more...]

The tribal trilateral: White, Protestant, anti-abortion.

Danielle Suarez is an agent with the U.S. Border Patrol. Women are not allowed to help patrol the borders of the evangelical tribe. The agents in charge of that -- the tribal gatekeepers -- are all white men.

The tribal gatekeepers of white evangelicalism are exhausting. If there were any plausible way to argue that they were acting in good faith rather than just smarmily pursuing raw power, then perhaps they'd be worthy of more than snark. But pretending they're behaving in good faith just requires that we ignore far too much that is far too evident. Still, kudos to Tony Jones for patiently trying to address the purported substance of the gatekeepers' perpetual complaint. In "Can You Be Pro-Gay … [Read more...]

I wave to the people but the wind just blows ‘em down


• Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Now that they've neutralized unions, they're going after everything unions ever won -- including the five-day work week. • Scott Paeth, "Jesus Wants You Heavily Armed" I suppose, if we wished to take the passage strictly literally, we could interpret it in line with Jesus' follow-up statement. After his disciples pull out two swords, he declares, "That's enough!" Enough for what? Who knows! But I'd be perfectly happy with an interpretation … [Read more...]

Kansas Christianists seek monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments

Dimmitt, Texas, 1949.

Initially, it looked like a bill to provide sweeping sectarian exemptions to civil rights laws was going to easily become law in Kansas. It sailed through the state legislature's Republican-controlled lower chamber, and was expected to cruise through the Republican-controlled Senate and then be signed into law by the state's Republican governor. But it turns out this bill wasn't just a Very Bad Idea, it was also a Very Badly Written Very Bad Idea. Once some of the big-business, … [Read more...]

This is what actual ‘religious liberty’ looks like


Thomas Jefferson left strict instructions for how he was to be remembered on his gravestone: "Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, Father of the University of Virginia." That statute for religious freedom embodied the ideals that would later become a foundation of American law in the First Amendment of the Constitution: Be it enacted by General Assembly that no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious … [Read more...]

‘Yikes, it sounds like you’ve had an epiphany’


So The Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones went to Russia. Really -- he didn't just stand in front of a green screen in their studio with stock footage of Red Square projected behind him, he actually, physically went to Russia and interviewed citizens there about that country's ugly new anti-gay legislation. The Daily Show website summarizes the segment this way: "Jason Jones questions Russian citizens about gay rights and finds their opinions compare favorably with American views -- of 40 … [Read more...]

Will this thing go to the moon?


• Religion News Service reports on the IF:Gathering -- a hugely successful recent Christian women's conference that underscores the way those excluded from a seat at the table are creating their own tables thankyouverymuch: “Blogs are creating a platform for women who might not have otherwise been heard,” said Cindy Bunch, an editor at InterVarsity Press responsible for a new imprint by women, called Crescendo. “Denominations have always had women’s ministries. I think what’s new … [Read more...]

Why young-Earth creationism needs to be killed with fire (part 2)


One Voice for Change is an expression of love. More specifically, it is "a movement seeking gender equality in Churches of Christ." That last bit there is a proper noun, the name of the conservative, evangelical Protestant affiliation that's probably best known for eschewing musical accompaniment. (Hence the prevailing opinion of the Churches of Christ among other evangelical traditions: They have some odd ideas, but they sure do sing pretty.) I learned about One Voice for Change from two … [Read more...]