White guys in charge frustrated by their inability to silence all women (Part MXVII)

Second-generation punchline Jerry Falwell Jr.

There’s a pattern here with angry authoritarian men like Falwell getting puffed up with indignation because this woman is saying intolerable things. (By which they mean there is a woman saying things, without their permission, and that this is, to them, intolerable.) [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (1.21)

Ursula K. LeGuin reminds her local paper that public land belongs to the public. Maria Konnikova on why we fall for con games. Woody Guthrie on that racist New York slumlord Old Man Trump. And Carol Howard Merritt on the wage gap in the church. [Read more...]

Wheaton’s official story collapses

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New reports clearly demonstrate he disingenuous pretense of the administration’s focus on “theological concerns” about Hawkins’ remarks. They recognized that her statement was theologically “innocuous,” yet sprung into action under the pretext that those innocuous words presented some grave theological concern. These reports also show that Wheaton’s white administrators treated a black woman very differently than they treated white male professors who said similar things. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (1.10)

Tim Cunningham on the people who kept you from getting Ebola. Larry R. Morrison on the invention of the slave-owners’ doctrine of “biblical inerrancy.” And more smart things from Fredrick Robinson, Cynthia Meyer, and Musa Okwonga. [Read more...]

Tribune report contradicts Wheaton’s sanctimonious official story

This stinks to high heaven. Wheaton loves to think of itself as the “Harvard of evangelicalism.” It’s acting like the Bob Jones of evangelicalism. And Wheaton’s current president, Philip Ryken, seems determined to turn it into the Corinthian College of evangelicalism. [Read more...]

Wheaton College suspends its own credibility


It’s impossible to see Wheaton College’s abrupt suspension of Prof. Hawkins as anything other than an obsequious, groveling attempt to appease Rich White Donors. And as a not-so-subtle threat to the rest of the faculty, staff and students to get in line and settle down. Or else. This is a sin. And a total dick move. [Read more...]

That time when five women sued God and won


Everybody is familiar with the story of Noah in the Bible, but many people don’t seem to realize that the Bible actually gives us two Noahs — two different stories about two very different people named Noah. That’s odd, in part, because the story of the other Noah appears three times. And because it’s a way better story. [Read more...]

What it seems to be all about then


It’s a funny scene for what it is — a child’s childish fantasy of the swaggering hero he wishes/imagines he will be transformed into thanks to the purchase of a product (that product being, of course, an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock). But it’s not so funny when alleged adults — people of the legal age to be considered “grown-ups” — repeat this exact fantasy as the basis for public policy or the lack thereof. [Read more...]