Christian college fires woman for not getting abortion


What happened was an unmarried employee of San Diego Christian College turned up pregnant, so they fired her, allegedly for violating the “community covenant.” But then they allegedly offered her old job to her fiancĂ© — the expectant father-to-be. If this woman had gotten an abortion, she’d still have her job. That’s what San Diego Christian College apparently wanted her to do. That’s certainly the incentive they’ve built into their “community covenant.” [Read more...]

‘Luckily, this is not difficult’


Some weekend links on how self-destructive it is for the church to be working with one half tied behind its back, and on the culture that blames women for the choices of men just as it blames Bathsheba for the choices of David. [Read more...]

Saying the F-word in church


What makes this extraordinary is partly the substance of this conversation, but more than that it’s the location of this conversation. This is taking place within the evangelical Christian world — a part of the church where feminism is often presumed to be a threat, an enemy, or at best a dangerously “controversial” idea. And it’s there — within that subculture — that this Feminisms Fest conversation is taking place. [Read more...]

Polygamy is biblical, is it therefore moral?


Polygamy is not an obscure feature in the Bible. It starts early, with Lamech, and continues throughout most of what we Christians call the Old Testament, shaping the stories of the most prominent characters — Abraham, Moses, David. [Read more...]

To truly be ‘pro-family,’ you have to be pro-worker


We have surrendered the necessary task of advocating on behalf of families to “pro-family” clerics and lobbyists who are more anti-modern than actually pro-family, meaning families do not now have any effective advocates for their interests. Even worse, these “pro-family” clerics and lobbyists have been pushing an anti-feminist, anti-woman agenda that winds up doing real harm to real families. [Read more...]

Felonious nipples, VAWA & stories hidden in plain sight


North Carolina plan says show a breast, lose the right to vote; the bad old days were not that long ago; congratulations to Gomer Pyle; two famous Freds and why it’s easier to compare myself to the evil one; patriarchal Christian movie wants evangelicals to oppose birth control. [Read more...]

‘Who seeks kindness over control’

A Prayer for Men and a collection of Wednesday morning links, including: gender reports from 1916, 1918 and the 1960s; policing the language girls use; policing the language women use; telling stories; and strangers on a train. [Read more...]

The problem with evangelical sexual ethics is that we haven’t got any

Do we need a “new” Christian sexual ethic? Well, yes. But not because the old one needs replacing. We need a new Christian sexual ethic because we haven’t got an old one to replace. [Read more...]