Postcards from the culture war

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Praying that someone shoots the Satanic baby-killers; policies “marked by a deep mistrust of the people they target;” They Are Coming for Your Birth Control; marriage equality and antifeminism; “I can change my sexual preference tonight if I want to;” Richard Land falls upwards; “another generation of Tony Perkinses;” “JESUS + Mary;” and a sampling of recent ethnic/gender slurs from GOP officials. [Read more...]

‘Quench not the spirit’ still not white evangelicals’ favorite Bible verse


Same 2-to-1 split. Not the same response. When the one-third minority favors patriarchy, its views are accorded a disproportionate respect — treated as equivalent to the two-thirds majority. When the one-third minority challenges patriarchy, its views are disproportionately disrespected — treated as non-existent. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things

Sandra M. Schneiders on why God is not a patriarch; Hillary Clinton on why empowering women is more than just a “nice thing to do;” Benjamin Franklin on the duty to pay taxes; David Badash on the libertarian mindset; and Russell Brand on the death of a little old lady. [Read more...]

Luckily, this is not difficult


A collection of Wednesday-morning links around a common theme. Unfortunately, this bunch tends more toward the disturbing, frustrating and infuriating side than toward the hopeful and inspiring side. [Read more...]

So’s your mother


I seem to have collected a bunch of links having to do with gender and such. So I might as well share them here. [Read more...]

It’s not your ‘stance,’ but who you’re standing with

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When abuse occurs within an institution, it threatens that institution. If our primary allegiance is to that institution, then that is what we will defend. But if, instead, our primary allegiance is to the underdog, always and everywhere — which is to say, if our primary allegiance is to Christ — then we will act first and foremost to defend those harmed by the abuse. [Read more...]

‘Stop it, punish it, corral people, shame people’

That does seem like a rather harsh accusation. But in my defense, there’s one good reason I keep accusing the leaders of the pro-life movement of really wanting to punish women who have sex: The leaders of the pro-life movement keep saying that they really want to punish women who have sex. [Read more...]

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act tests the integrity of the pro-life movement


This legislation matters first of all because it would protect the rights of pregnant workers. But it also matters because it tests the integrity of the pro-life movement. So far, that movement is failing that test. [Read more...]