So’s your mother


I seem to have collected a bunch of links having to do with gender and such. So I might as well share them here. [Read more...]

It’s not your ‘stance,’ but who you’re standing with

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When abuse occurs within an institution, it threatens that institution. If our primary allegiance is to that institution, then that is what we will defend. But if, instead, our primary allegiance is to the underdog, always and everywhere — which is to say, if our primary allegiance is to Christ — then we will act first and foremost to defend those harmed by the abuse. [Read more...]

‘Stop it, punish it, corral people, shame people’

That does seem like a rather harsh accusation. But in my defense, there’s one good reason I keep accusing the leaders of the pro-life movement of really wanting to punish women who have sex: The leaders of the pro-life movement keep saying that they really want to punish women who have sex. [Read more...]

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act tests the integrity of the pro-life movement


This legislation matters first of all because it would protect the rights of pregnant workers. But it also matters because it tests the integrity of the pro-life movement. So far, that movement is failing that test. [Read more...]

UNC, the Vatican and Sovereign Grace Ministries: When PR trumps concern for victims


If anything good might have come from the ongoing horror show of the Catholic sex-abuse scandal and its coverup, I had thought it might be at least that other institutions could learn from it. The Catholic church was providing a vivid lesson in what not to do, and I had hoped that such a prominent, infamous example would be something other institutions would have to notice and to remember if they should ever discover abusers and predators within their own ranks. But no. [Read more...]

Christian college fires woman for not getting abortion


What happened was an unmarried employee of San Diego Christian College turned up pregnant, so they fired her, allegedly for violating the “community covenant.” But then they allegedly offered her old job to her fiancé — the expectant father-to-be. If this woman had gotten an abortion, she’d still have her job. That’s what San Diego Christian College apparently wanted her to do. That’s certainly the incentive they’ve built into their “community covenant.” [Read more...]

‘Luckily, this is not difficult’


Some weekend links on how self-destructive it is for the church to be working with one half tied behind its back, and on the culture that blames women for the choices of men just as it blames Bathsheba for the choices of David. [Read more...]

Saying the F-word in church


What makes this extraordinary is partly the substance of this conversation, but more than that it’s the location of this conversation. This is taking place within the evangelical Christian world — a part of the church where feminism is often presumed to be a threat, an enemy, or at best a dangerously “controversial” idea. And it’s there — within that subculture — that this Feminisms Fest conversation is taking place. [Read more...]