Bill Gothard’s sexual coercion is a feature of Gothardism


If you ever heard of Gothard’s Institute and his teachings, then you also heard rumors or stories about some of the families involved with all of that. It cannot ever be said that it is a surprise to hear such stories. Gothard’s teaching is all about hierarchy, which is to say it’s all about power — power over other people. It attracts and creates adherents who crave power over other people. Bullies, in other words, abusers, predators, and little petty tyrants of every sort. [Read more...]

Pensacola Christian College responds with a non-response

Pensacola doesn't just run a college. It's also a textbook publisher.

Pensacola’s response is not unusual. We’ve seen many other institutions bare their fangs in that very same defensive crouch. We’ve seen it from dioceses and politicians and football programs. And in almost every case where we’ve seen this kind of response we’ve later learned that not only were all the allegations being denied true, but they were only the tip of the iceberg. [Read more...]

There’s a pattern here


Justin Lee teams up with Audrey Hepburn. A Tennessee pastor says he has nothing but love for the people he refuses to allow to marry. And Henry Farrell says that bigotry rooted in perceived religious mandates may be marginally less obnoxious than bigotry rooted in personal animus but it’s still, you know, bigotry. [Read more...]

We won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve

President Richard Nixon on "Laugh In."

Imagine a world in which the stuff Pat Robertson says was actually true. Galifianakisgate. The religious liberty to beat infants with wooden spoons. Religious right groups claim that Thin Mints, Do-si-dos are abortifacients. Mike Huckabee briefly stops slut-shaming in order to praise himself for being chivalrous. [Read more...]

Guest post: ‘God is Done with You’: Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence


Samantha Field: The problem isn’t just that universities like Pensacola Christian College, Bob Jones University, and Patrick Henry College are steeped in “purity culture” — a culture that teaches women who have sex are like used toothbrushes and half-eaten candybars: in a word, women are disposable. Purity culture is worth examining, but the heart of the problem at PCC is that purity culture is enshrined in the Pathway – and the Pathway makes it virtually impossible for victims to come forward, even more so than the roadblocks facing victims at secular colleges. [Read more...]

No. The only people who call Patrick Henry College ‘God’s Harvard’ without irony are the PR people for Patrick Henry College


On the rare occasion that Patrick Henry College is known or referred to outside of its own constricted, incestuous circle, it’s usually dismissed as “Homeschool U.” or just “that crazy right-wing place … no, not Bob Jones … no, not Hillsdale … the other one.” To the extent that anyone knows of it, it’s not as “God’s Harvard” but as a refuge for the kind of people who think Liberty has gotten too liberal since Jerry Falwell died. [Read more...]

This is either hypocrisy or consistency. I think it’s the latter.


It’s not necessarily the case that everyone who favors defunding health care for low-income women is a rage-filled misogynist, but it probably is the case that every rage-filled misogynist favors defunding health care for low-income women. [Read more...]

Will this thing go to the moon?


Women bloggers starting to make the men a little nervous; Texas football reporter quotes Audre Lorde; “epistemological synecdoche;” Darth Vader, Superman look on as man smashes police car; Bank of America gives back $245 it took from a customer; “In intellectual terms, Schaeffer and Lindsey were hacks at best, charlatans at worst.” [Read more...]