‘Readers should know’ of theologian’s abuse


“John Howard Yoder (1927-1997) was perhaps the most well-known Mennonite theologian in the 20th century. While his work on Christian ethics helped define Anabaptism to an audience far outside the Mennonite Church, he is also remembered for his long-term sexual harassment and abuse of women.” [Read more...]

Postcards from the Culture Wars (12.18)


A third of pregnant virgins took a chastity pledge and other benefits of “abstinence-only” sex education. Plus: Dinah, rape insurance in Michigan, rooms without women, men owning women’s bodies, and fixing it all with Photoshop and shampoo. [Read more...]

Using ‘unity’ and the adjective ‘Christ-like’ to defend injustice is not Christ-like and does not promote unity

A disgracefully divisive display of disunity in Prague, 1989.

It seems it’s always those who are being excluded and subjugated who are asked to imitate the meekness of Christ. Those who benefit from unfair systems are never similarly challenged to do so — they’re free to go on imitating Pilate. And it seems that those who wish to challenge injustice are always the ones being criticized for threatening Christian “unity” — as though an unjust status quo and unity were the same thing. [Read more...]

On ‘leadership’ and men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men …


If you’re looking for leadership in how to organize a meaningful conference, or how to respect others, or how to respond to criticism, you won’t find any such leadership from the Leadership Network. What you’ll find instead is a clown show that looks like an HR training video on what not to do if you want to avoid getting sued for creating a hostile workplace environment. [Read more...]

Postcards from the culture wars


A barbershop sermon for the ages; the religious right is not in retreat; a Dozen Moms vs. Dracula; “the world is leaving them behind” and they’re scared; pious parents serve their piety by lying about vulnerable children; right-wing lawyer finally suspended; why God is not “the exclusive possession of the victors and owners of the world.” [Read more...]

Dragonslayer (cont’d.)

“For me, it almost entirely boils down to the simple fact that I believe in women. I believe that we are intelligent and capable.” [Read more...]

The ugly little game of white evangelical divorce


Sarah Pulliam Bailey does a good job reporting the facts for Religion News Service: “Woman sues InterVarsity after firing over her divorce.” Let me chip in by reading between the lines a bit, because I’m familiar with this ugly little game, having experienced it firsthand. [Read more...]

If you believe in ‘inerrancy’ you have to pretend that all the other people who believe in ‘inerrancy’ do not exist

"That other guy is lying. I alone have the one, true, inerrant Word of God."

Inerrancy, in other words, is said to be the only way to avoid a bewildering diversity of opinions and interpretations and the only way of adjudicating decisively between competing views. That’s an excellent argument and it makes biblical inerrancy seem very appealing. The problem is that, in practice, biblical inerrancy itself produces a bewildering diversity of opinions and interpretations while offering now way of adjudicating decisively between competing views. [Read more...]