Preying on suckers

With nobody hitting the jackpot for the multistate Powerball lottery this weekend, the prize rolls over and may be as high as $210 million for Wednesday night's drawing. I'll take this opportunity to revisit my earlier calculations (aided by my actuary brother) regarding whether or not Powerball constitutes a "fair game." The idea of a [Read More...]

Faded Glory

That's the name of Wal-Mart's cheaply made and cheaply sold, imported house brand jeans: "Faded Glory." The uber-retailer also now offers Levis. Well, not Levis exactly, but Levis "Signature" line — a cheaply made and cheaply sold, imported imitation of the classic American-made jeans. Charles Fishman has the details on this and much more in [Read More...]

H.R. Question

It's sleazy — but is it illegal? Friend of mine works for a large corporation, the identity of which I will delicately avoid mentioning. Like most big corporations, they offer a decent benefits package. And like most big corporations, they can be incredibly miserly. The company policy is that anyone who works at least 21 [Read More...]


Delaware, a state with a population smaller than that of nearby Baltimore, is in somewhat better fiscal health than most states. This is mainly due to the First State's position as the whore of corporate America. The old system of kickbacks for irresponsible incorporation is now a slightly more legitimate system of corporate taxes and [Read More...]

Flip ‘em off

Let me say, first of all, that giving "the finger" is extremely rude. (I prefer, in traffic, instead to give people the hand — this exasperated, "What the …?!?" gesture conveys a broader displeasure that I think makes its point without the phallic imagery.) One should never, ever, "flip the bird." Unless, that is, it's [Read More...]

Back to the Future

I stumbled into a time warp this weekend over in the comments section at Calpundit. In this post Kevin Drum merely echoed words spoken by every bar band and lounge act in America every night: "Hey folks, take care of your waitresses and bartenders." He was responding to the effort by some chain McRestaurants to [Read More...]

Incivility and class warfare (cont’d.)

In light of the discussions below of civlity vs. incivility and justice vs. jealousy, the following seemed appropriate. This aggressively impolite rant is from St. John Chrysostom (347 – 407), from his ninth homily on 1 Corinthians. Here Chrysostom turns his wrath on the "covetous and rapacious" wealthy man who does not do all he [Read More...]

All of the people all of the time

Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged takes issue with the conclusion to Dana Milbank's article in today's Washington Post. Milbank writes: No Credit Where Credit Is Due Polls have shown public opinion toward President Bush souring over his handling of the economy and Iraq. But an item tucked away in last week's CBS News/New York Times poll [Read More...]