‘It’s not even past’: Riley Cooper and Arthur Young


While it may be 2013, we’re still a long way from being “beyond all this.” We’ve made some progress, no doubt, and one sign of that progress was the unanimity of the sports-talk radio hosts and callers in condemning the stupidity and bigotry of the football player’s comment. That’s encouraging. We’ve made progress, but the past is still with us. As Faulkner wrote, “The past is never dead. It isn’t even past.” [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war (7.30)


CEOs pay themselves 273 times what they pay their average workers. Teaching your kids how to fight slumlords. The invisible poor. Kicking seniors out of their homes. Steal from the boss, go to jail; steal from your workers and you won’t even have to pay them back. Does it matter if Paul Ryan hurts poor people because he hates them or if he hurts poor people because he doesn’t know any better? What happens to an 18-ton wall of used clothing? Cuts to SNAP asks every food bank to supply an additional 4 million meals every year. [Read more...]

It’s corporations, not killer robots


The singularity has already happened. We’ve been slow to notice because we were worried about a technological singularity and what we got instead was a legal singularity. It wasn’t the rise of artificially intelligent machines, but of artificially intelligent legal entities. The corporations were created by humans. They were granted personhood by their human servants. They rebelled. They evolved. There are many copies. And they have a plan. [Read more...]

McDonald’s own McBudget shows workers underpaid

This guy wants you to get a pre-paid debit card so he can charge you fees to access your own money.

Remember, this budget was designed for McDonald’s employees — designed by people who ought to know some such employees, or at least know where to find them. So the fact that McPay isn’t enough to cover the rent anywhere in America shouldn’t have been a mystery. [Read more...]

7 things @ 11 o’clock (7.11)

High times with Lawrence Welk. Justices packing heat. Dianna Anderson channels Nina Turner. Old Man Potter : Locusts :: George Bailey : Bees. A hedge fund manager tries and fails to convince his smarter son that homelessness is caused by homeless shelters. The self-satisfied obliviousness of an anti-gay “intellectual.” If you’re going to take bribes, just get cash, not an inscribed Rolex, a de la Renta gown and a Ferrari. [Read more...]

Why we know Walmart isn’t paying $12.40/hour


If those 74 million Americans were to get a raise of another $2.25/hour, they would spend that money. And they wouldn’t spend it at Macy’s. They would spend it at Walmart. A minimum-wage increase would be a huge revenue windfall, a sales bonanza for Walmart. [Read more...]

If work is a responsibility, then work is also a right


Stephen Fincher seems to be confused about several things. He’s confused about how food stamps work, who they help, and why that help is needed. And he’s terribly, terribly confused about the context and the meaning of this passage from 2 Thessalonians and how it has been understood by centuries of Christian teaching. [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war

"Dives in Hell and Lazarus in Heaven" (1510)

The same old story from two more manufactured-home neighborhoods; lecturing the poor while cutting food stamps and Meals on Wheels; “deficit reduction” turns out to be job-reduction for 1.5 million Americans; taxpayers subsidize low wages at Walmart; Ben Bernanke reminds lucky rich kids that they’re lucky. [Read more...]