16 Tons and bricks without straw: Christianity Today wants to bring back the company town

An armed guard patrols a mining company town in Alabama in the early 20th century, making sure no miners try to escape into the free economy to purchase contraception.

Christianity Today says it isn’t fair that workers own their wages. It is, after all, a religious company with religious values, and it seems to them to be a violation of their religious values if the pay they pay their workers can be spent on things like alcohol and pornography. Labor law, they say, restricts their religious liberty to ensure that wages they pay are not later spent on anything that would contradict their core religious convictions. [Read more...]

Rolling Jubilee: Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land


The Rolling Jubilee is a little picture of the divine economy, leveraging liberation for people enslaved by debts they can never repay. The project “buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it.” And the destitute hear good news. [Read more...]

Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney


“Let’s all embrace the future — stop pretending we care about each other and start hoarding canned goods.” [Read more...]

‘The best part is, it’s really easy to lie’

AP photo.

“It’s a strategy that works because when I lie, I’m essentially telling people what they want to hear, and people really like hearing things they want to hear. Even if they sort of know that nothing I’m saying is true.” [Read more...]

Fighting the beast: How can Clifford Russell be saved?


It cannot be our only response, and it cannot be our primary response, but at least a part of our response to people like Clifford Russell must be to offer them a chance to be saved — to find redemption, liberation and salvation. [Read more...]

More scenes from the class wars


“All he gives is a humbug pill, a dose of dope and a great big bill, Tell me how can a poor man stand such times and live?” [Read more...]

Mitt Romney once owned a credit-rating agency

For a small monthly fee, credit-rating agencies will allow you to inspect your report and attempt to correct the errors they've included in order to ensure that you'll want to pay that monthly fee.

The credit-rating business model is based on your score being both inaccurate and inadequate — deliberately so, or else the protection racket they’re running wouldn’t work. And yet the credit-rating agencies are largely unchecked and unrestrained in their ability to restrict your freedom and the freedom of every other American. Mitt Romney — who once owned Experian — aims to keep things that way. [Read more...]

Whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent


Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney’s comments disparaging the “47 percent” stand in stark contrast to King Benjamin’s sermon in the Book of Mormon. One of them said that lazy poor people can never be convinced to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” The other one said that anyone who talks like that “hath no interest in the kingdom of God.” [Read more...]