Climate change denial as real estate ploy?

What is John Droz's end-game?I'm assuming he has one. I'm assuming here that Droz -- "a real estate investor who owns properties along the North Carolina coast" -- has some kind of long-term plan in mind.Apart from being a wealthy coastal developer, Droz is also involved in the lucrative business of climate-change denialism. As the Institute for Southern Studies reports: He is a senior fellow at the American Tradition Institute, a conservative think tank with ties to fossil fuel … [Read more...]

Notes from the new Gilded Age

Erik Loomis argues that America is "Headed Back to the Robber-Baron Era," writing that "We are recreating the Gilded Age, a period when corporations ruled this nation, buying politicians, using violence against unions and engaging in open corruption."The donors at Mitt Romney's Hampton's fundraiser sure seemed to agree with Loomis -- excepting, of course, that they think a return to the Gilded Age would be a good thing. A new Gilded Age might spare them the tyrannical horror of a potential … [Read more...]

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion await their asbestos moment

If you watch late-night television, you're bound to see plenty of commercials for law firms soliciting clients for their big class-action suits involving asbestos and mesothelioma, or targeting those who've suffered side effects from a wide array of popular medicines.I will take it as a sign that America is getting better when I start seeing ads like that going after Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.Those are the big credit-rating agencies -- the unelected, unaccountable Fourth Estate of … [Read more...]

‘I don’t think the common person is getting it’

Today's jaw-dropping must-read is by Maeve Reston of the Los Angeles Times, "Donors arrive at Hamptons fundraisers with advice for Mitt Romney." The line of Range Rovers, BMWs, Porsche roadsters and one gleaming cherry red Ferrari began queuing outside of Revlon Chairman Ronald Perelman's estate off Montauk Highway long before Romney arrived, as campaign aides and staffers in white polo shirts emblazoned with the logo of Perelman's property -- the Creeks -- checked off names under tight … [Read more...]

The poor and the needy are selfish and greedy …


"Companies steal close to 10 billion dollars annually in unpaid overtime.""It takes an emotional toll, it takes a mental toll, it takes a physical toll.""College students are facing a roughly $20 billion increase in the cost of their federal loans.""When you hear a politician promising to exempt the retired and near retired from changes to Social Security, while offering to make it more 'secure' for future generations, you now know the game plan.""People are talking about Niagara … [Read more...]

One Step Up and Two Steps Back

One step up ...Mary Beth Quirk: "California Goes Gangbusters Against Abusive Lending, Passes Sweeping Foreclosure-Protection Law" Hey, rest of the country that isn't California! This is how you do it: California legislators went ahead and approved a sweeping bill on Monday that is basically a homeowner bill of rights, including ending abusive practices by mortgage lenders while at the same time helping homeowners evade the abyss of foreclosure. California ain't kidding around.While … [Read more...]

‘The Cult of the Individual and the Idolatry of Greed’

Michael Bird is a very conservative evangelical theology professor. He's theologically conservative in the tradition of evangelical orthodoxy and, like many evangelicals, he's very politically conservative on social issues, opposing, he says, "same-sex marriage, euthanasia, and abortion, etc."But Michael Bird is not an American. He teaches in Australia and formerly lived in the UK.And since Bird is not an American, he hasn't absorbed the peculiarly American form of evangelical tribalism … [Read more...]

To save money, don’t exclude the poor, exclude the sick

The Republican privilege-principle of Tyler Cowen, Bryan Fischer and Rick Perry isn't just morally monstrous, it's also bad economics."We need to accept the principle that sometimes poor people will die just because they are poor," says Cowen."There is simply no way to control the cost of health care if hospitals are obligated to provide healthcare to all regardless of their ability to pay," says Fischer.But they're both wrong. Poor people aren't the source of the runaway cost of … [Read more...]