Smart people saying smart things (11.3)


Digby on David Barton’s growing influence in the Republican Party. Rick Pearlstein and Brad DeLong have more to say about the current state of the GOP. The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry states it plain. And Samantha Field on turning away from lies she’d been taught. [Read more...]

All of the people all of the time

Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged takes issue with the conclusion to Dana Milbank's article in today's Washington Post. Milbank writes: No Credit Where Credit Is Due Polls have shown public opinion toward President Bush souring over his handling of the economy and Iraq. But an item tucked away in last week's CBS News/New York Times poll [Read More...]

Sending a very clear signal

Tim Dunlop of Road to Surfdom provides some helpful clarity about the issues of consequence (and of no consequence) in the CIA leak-gate investigation. He frames the issue more clearly in 13 short lines than I have heard done from a whole afternoon of cable news chatter. One odd aspect of today's news coverage was [Read More...]

“Bring ‘em on”

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:2) Candidate George W. Bush, 1999, discussing the state of the U.S. military: "Resources are over-stretched. Frustration is up, as families are separated and strained. Morale is down. This administration [Read More...]

Bremer, Bono and $200 billion

President Bush's request of another $87 billion for securing and rebuilding Iraq has to be added to the $70 billion already spent there. Add to that $157 billion another $50 to $60 billion that various reports say will be needed and you've got a pricetag well over $200 billion. But there's another $200 billion lurking [Read More...]

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Today's "daily mis-lead" reminds us that President Bush promised to create 510,000 new jobs in 2003. You have to love the specificity of that number — not "half a million new jobs," but 510,000. Even stranger, the White House also predicted that the jobs bonanza would continue throughout 2004, with 891,000 more jobs created next [Read More...]

Heads will roll

Earlier today, while some of us were still sleeping or watching the Eagles game, more responsible bloggers were already kneedeep in posts about today's big news — which is sure to be big news for many days to come. Mike Allen and Dana Milbank of The Washington Post have dug deep and discovered an honorable [Read More...]

Take the bait or take the pledge

"Just watch me." That was how President Bush responded when asked how he planned to spend $170 million in an uncontested primary campaign. The Bush campaign will likely spend a good chunk of that money attacking his Democratic challengers. He has enough money to attack them all, but that won't be necessary, and it's not [Read More...]