7 @ 9: Why I’d be a bad time-traveler


1. "The reason I wrote that you're against national health care is because in 2009 you wrote a column called 'Why I Oppose National Health Care.'" That's a hilarious debate moment, but also an interesting sign of how things are changing. Some of the people who, in 2009, thought it was advantageous to rail against health care reform are now, in 2014, insisting that yes-but-of-course, I've always supported health care reform. Wind socks are useful because they tell us which way the wind is … [Read more...]

Perversely insisting you like the unlikable doesn’t make someone else a liar

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Old riddle/joke: Q: How many legs does a dog have if you call it's tail a leg? A: Four. Calling it's tail a leg doesn't make it one. Most of the jokes Jon Stewart tells on The Daily Show are funnier than that one, but it's not at all funny when Stewart contradicts the truth expressed in that joke and says President Obama is lying for not agreeing to count tails as legs. John Stewart just isn't making much sense here. "The president has been somewhat dishonest about the promise of his … [Read more...]

Dear Regal theaters: It’s the customers, stupid

The workers who made these Model T Fords were paid enough that they could afford to buy Model T Fords. The people who work for Regal Entertainment can't afford to go out to the movies.

Regal Entertainment Group -- the corporation that runs the Regal theater chain -- employs corporate accountants. It needs to hire some economists. Company accountants can keep track of the company's books. That's useful and important, but if it becomes the only thing the company looks at, then it becomes profoundly misleading. Not only will the company fail to see the bigger picture and the bigger context, but they'll have a distorted picture of even the company balance sheet over which … [Read more...]