Feedly Hell


I do not believe in the existence of Hell, but I do believe in “Hell” in the biblical sense. My statement here — “There’s a very special room in Hell” for these hackers — employs the term in precisely that biblical sense, conveying no more and no less than what the small handful of biblical passages mentioning “Hell” also convey. [Read more...]

Conversion to what? Conversion from what? The unanswered questions of ‘Great Commission Baptists’

Southern Baptist Name Change

“Conversionism” is one of the defining characteristics of white evangelicalism — part of the famous “Bebbington quadrilateral” that attempts to define this amorphous stream of Protestant faith. But conversionism is an empty set, a cipher, a blank slate. It is meaningless unless we can first answer two unasked and unanswered questions: Conversion to what? And conversion from what? [Read more...]

Anti-abortion activist says Obama’s presidential library will be just like Heaven


Erasing those women — eliminating them from our imagining — is probably the second-most horrifying thing about the ghost story that Michael Bresciani has assigned us to imagine. Perhaps even worse than that, though, is this terrifying realization: Bresciani’s surreal imaginary haunting of the Obama presidential library provides an image of what the majority of white evangelicals insist that Heaven is like. [Read more...]

NRA: Jaime’s in Hell


We’re sad because we don’t want Jaime to be in Hell. He was a good guy. Every portrayal of him in this story was positive. He was loyal, faithful, reliable and brave. Those are good qualities and it seems wrong that someone who displayed such good qualities should be punished — punished absolutely with the same absolute punishment that awaits Nicolae and Stonagal and Fortunato and every other despicable villain in this story. [Read more...]

Down at the little church they all wear hats


Brewer comes through in Arizona. Texas can’t find a “legitimate governmental purpose” for it’s same-sex marriage ban either. Pizza and high-school geometry. Blue collar temp work is really dangerous. Another terrible evangelistic video. Some revealing stories about who we view as “dangerous.” [Read more...]

7 @ 9: Florence and the machine


Blasphemy laws are being used for extortion because that’s what blasphemy laws are for. The “doctrine” of Hell is the worst imaginable slander against God. A positive step in Israel likely to cause religious right heads to explode in U.S. Sasheer Zamata is funny. Southern states determined to keep leading nation in unintended pregnancy. [Read more...]

‘Hell House,’ abortion, and the mute zombie children of Heaven


New Destiny’s abortion mythology posits that every fertilized egg is a fully human person, and also that every fertilized egg that dies before reaching an “age of accountability” ascends to Heaven. That presents an unnerving picture of Heaven. [Read more...]

Hell and soteriology Part 1: Bill O’Reilly’s accidental insight


Candida Moss does not euphemize or equivocate about what the text says that Jesus said or that Jesus said this as a direct assertion of fact. Jesus said that if you don’t give away your wealth to help the poor, then you will go to Hell. Period. As Keith wrote, Bill O’Reilly’s reaction was typical of “almost all readers of this story … surely that’s not what he really meant.” [Read more...]