The Long March of the Koalas

It has been brought to my attention that Ken Ham, the man behind the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis, is originally from Australia and not the United States. So when I wrote last week of America as "the land of P.T. Barnum and Ken Ham" the general point about hucksterism here in the U.S. [Read More...]

WYLIE (Why Young Life Is Evil)

I haven't yet read Jeff Sharlet's book, The Family, but I've been reading every interview with him that I can find. You may be familiar with Sharlet from his blog, The Revealer, and from an earlier project he's long been associated with, Killing the Buddha. Now that his book is finally out in paperback, I'll [Read More...]

Those pearls won't clutch themselves

B: You realize what you've done, don't you? A: Drawn a link between the spreading of malicious falsehoods and the practice commonly referred to as "lying"? B: Well, yes, that. That's not allowed. A: "Allowed?" B: Right. You can say, "Sarah Palin's statement is false," because, you know, it is. And you can say, "Sarah [Read More...]

An argument

A: Sarah Palin is lying about health care reform. B: Whoa, hold on there. That’s quite the accusation. You want to use the L-word, you’re going to have to prove it. A: That’s not difficult. Here is the outrageous and demonstrably untrue lie in question, from her Facebook page: The America I know and love [Read More...]

False Witnesses 2

“If you want to look thin, you hang out with fat people.” – Thornton Melon Commenters on the previous post about this rumor were right to argue that I overstated the case in saying that there could be no “innocent dupes” involved in its spread. That’s too categorical. But those few who may have been [Read More...]

False witnesses

In my past life as an evangelical for social action, I had a much-photocopied dossier in my desk drawer from the Procter & Gamble corporation. This surreal document was the company’s sadly necessary response to the urban legend that the manufacturer of Tide, Crest and Dawn was some kind of satanic cult. Briefly, the idea [Read More...]

How I learned that song

From a comments thread at Crooks & Liars I find this link: "Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome." And so, a story. * * * * * [Read more...]

The Abominable Shellfish

Why some Christians hate gays but love bacon The third book of the Bible, Leviticus, has some wonderful passages. The Jubilee laws outlined in chapter 25, for example, provide an inspiring vision of liberty and justice for all. The 10th verse of this chapter even supplied the inscription for the Liberty Bell: "proclaim liberty throughout [Read More...]