Kansas Christianists seek monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments

Dimmitt, Texas, 1949.

This bill is the epitome of the recent effort to redefine “religious liberty” as a way of enshrining the privileges of the privileged. It is an attempt to, in Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, secure a “monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments.” The thing about monopolies, of course, is that unlike liberties, they can’t be enjoyed by everyone — only by the select chosen few. [Read more...]

This is what actual ‘religious liberty’ looks like


“Plaintiffs honor, and yearn for, the sacred values and dignity that other individuals celebrate when they enter into marital vows in Virginia, and they ask to no longer be deprived of the opportunity to share these fundamental rights.” [Read more...]

‘Yikes, it sounds like you’ve had an epiphany’


The Daily Show interviews a remarkable Russian woman about what gives her the hope and courage to protest her country’s ugly new anti-gay laws. “There is a quote from an American TV show called ‘Angel.’” she says … [Read more...]

Will this thing go to the moon?


Women bloggers starting to make the men a little nervous; Texas football reporter quotes Audre Lorde; “epistemological synecdoche;” Darth Vader, Superman look on as man smashes police car; Bank of America gives back $245 it took from a customer; “In intellectual terms, Schaeffer and Lindsey were hacks at best, charlatans at worst.” [Read more...]

Why young-Earth creationism needs to be killed with fire (part 2)


The clobber-text hermeneutic is always and everywhere a barrier to love and to justice. That’s what it’s for. That is it’s design, purpose, intention and primary function. Young-Earth creationism is both a product of the clobber-text hermeneutic and a buttress that reinforces it. [Read more...]

I find it rough going in expressing myself

Screenshot 2014-02-11 at 11.05.17 PM

Oh good, another huge snowstorm. A historically disreputable abbot. The archbishop takes sides with the drag queen. Credit-rating agencies are very good at being terrible at their jobs. The majestic equality of Florida law. Why Bible-reading doesn’t count as “Bible-minded.” [Read more...]

Erick Erickson says that the Apostle Peter is an idiot who doesn’t understand the vision God gave to the Apostle Peter

This is Francesco Trevisani's 1709 painting of "Peter Baptizing the Centurion Cornelius." Erick Erickson says Trevisani is not "really" a Christian because his painting suggests this story is about people and not shellfish. If it were up to Erickson, this would be a painting of Peter Eating Shrimp and Cheesesteaks.

“God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean.” If you miss that, you’ve missed the entire book of Acts. If you miss that, you miss the entire gospel. Erick Erickson missed that. [Read more...]

Postcards from the culture wars (2.10)


“Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” [Read more...]