Exposing the shameful secrets of Charles Worley’s fundamentalism

Fundamentalism thrives on isolation from and opposition to the world -- isolation from and opposition to the rest of society, to other people, to The Other, to everyone else.The despicable Charles Worley and his Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina illustrates this opposition. But the fact that we know about Worley, that we've heard his vile words through a viral video that has been viewed by more than half a million people, shows that isolation is becoming increasingly difficult … [Read more...]

Charles L. Worley seems to be training others to be just a awful as he is

OK, it's getting late in the day and my plan of cooling down to a calm, rational tone to discuss this still isn't working.So let's discuss the Rev. Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C.Actually, let's just make that Charles L. Worley -- there's nothing "reverend" about this bastard, regardless of what the clueless, hateful club-members of this local congregation try to say. He's not "pastor" Worley. Pastor means shepherd, and Worley's not shepherding a … [Read more...]

Barton, Larson, Fischer: Checking in with the Liars for Jesus

Did David Barton pick the belt to go with the shirt or the shirt to go with the belt?

Historian John Fea asks: "Is it time to gather Christian historians together to sign some kind of formal statement condemning Barton's brand of propaganda and hagiography?"Easy question. The answer is "yes."David Barton is a liar and a con-man who poses as a Christian historian.* That's bad for the reputation of all Christians and of all historians, and especially for the reputation of Christian historians.Even worse, since Barton's shtick is premised on the idea that he is a … [Read more...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 4)

Christians who oppose equality are losing the argument. That's why they're so loud.Kathy Escobar: "Unless we're all free, none of us is free" Christians should be leading the way on equality in absolutely every area, yet we all know that on the whole, we are lagging behind, stuck in white privilege & imbalanced power & segregation and all kinds of things that are not reflective of the kingdom of God Jesus called us to create.… It’s not a side issue or a pet project  equality is a … [Read more...]

Al Mohler says the apostle Peter was wrong and that’s why evangelicals should ‘focus on homosexuality’

According to the New Testament book of Acts, the apostle Peter was given a vision from God. The 10th chapter of Acts describes that vision. And in that chapter and the next, Peter himself explains what that vision meant.Southern Baptist enforcer R. Albert Mohler Jr. says that Peter was wrong. The vision from God, Mohler says, meant something else."The Bible condemns a lot, but here's why we focus on homosexuality," Mohler writes today for CNN's Belief Blog. Here's Mohler: “Look,” we are … [Read more...]

Tribalism and the cruelly weird idea of zero-sum human rights

Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera said this recently on a conservative radio show: All of a sudden Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have turned the United States into a pro-homosexual regime and it's just despicable. That's as clear an expression as you'll find of the zero-sum notion of human rights that underlies so much of the anti-gay religious right.The United States is supposed to be a "pro-homosexual" regime. Millions of us Americans are LGBT people and our nation is supposed to have … [Read more...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 3)

"The future looks grim for the anti-gay moralists.""In 2005 the Supreme Court made sodomy legal in all 50 states and since then there have been absolutely no reports of anyone turning into a pillar of salt.""The most important cultural change that has increased support for same-sex marriage is the equality revolution within heterosexual marriage.""It's a contest between the Golden Rule and the condemnations of homosexual acts in Leviticus and Paul's Letter to the Romans.""The … [Read more...]

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 2)

More smart and wise recent posts from those of us kicking against the pricks.Sarah Bessey: "I'm an evangelical Christian. And I think same-sex marriage should be legal" As someone raised in a post-Christian culture, now living in a post-same-sex-marriage culture, AND as someone that is a heterosexual evangelical Christian herself, I think that same-sex marriage should be legal –and I think that Christians, even those that believe homosexuality to be a sin, need to back off the issue. From a … [Read more...]