It’s a Marvel comic book, Saturday matinee fairy tale, boy


Some Monday morning linkage, including: Why the burning of a black church isn’t “news;” Canadian indie-rock vs. giant robots; white riots, creationists, and a story about some whip-smart Kenyan kids that will make you smile. [Read more...]

The ivy taps on the window pane


A few things, including: Nicolae Carpathia plays a role in Iowa’s Senate race. The death of a master craftsman. Eshet chayil: Saba Ahmed speaks out, Teresa Fitzgerald reaches out. Infant baptism on the rise in the SBC. Jody Williams double-dog dares you. Thus, Calvinism. [Read more...]

Good news for people who like good news


Twelve more reasons to celebrate, including: Marriage equality in France and Minnesota; cornstarch is better than cyanide; music lessons replace metal detectors; we Americans are murdering one another a lot less this year; tiny foxes make a big recovery; a place called Grace Church lives up to its name; and Sarah Moon brings her blog to Patheos. [Read more...]

Some infinite thing

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“None of this stuff is really about morality or religion or dogma or big fancy questions about life after death. …” [Read more...]

Good news for people who like good news


In the long run, the arc bends toward justice and love wins. In the short run, things don’t often look quite so hopeful. But sometimes they do. Here are some reasons to celebrate. [Read more...]

Good news for people who like good news


Here’s another 12 reasons that maybe the optimists aren’t completely wrong, including: A town fights back against foreclosures; a Texas county gets smarter; Jubilee!; wind power blowing away nuclear; a bill to stop banks from stealing $30 billion a year from depositors; Maryland opts not to kill people; and even the popular kids at a Georgia high school think the adults’ racist traditions are stupid. [Read more...]

‘What will happen to them?’


“It’s alright to talk about ‘streets flowing with milk and honey,’ but God has commanded us to be concerned about the slums down here, and his children who can’t eat three square meals a day. It’s alright to talk about the new Jerusalem, but one day, God’s preacher must talk about the New York, the new Atlanta, the new Philadelphia, the new Los Angeles, the new Memphis, Tennessee. This is what we have to do.” [Read more...]

More good news for people who like good news


Here are a dozen more pieces of good news — a dozen more reasons to celebrate, including: 50 years of progress on child mortality; everybody is filing amicus briefs in support of marriage equality; big comebacks for VAWA, housing and the Thin White Duke; Sleazemeisters Gone Bankrupt; Muslims defend free speech; a functional cure for an HIV+ child; and an IFO makes an appearance this week. [Read more...]