Bruce Prescott, leader of the Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, recently spoke at an immigration rally on the steps of Oklahoma's state capitol, where he argued that "Immigrants Shouldn't Need 'Any Stinking Papers.'" The rally opposed Arizona-style anti-immigration legislation proposed in the state's legislature: [Republican Rep. Randy] Terrill wants Oklahoma to adopt stricter anti-immigration laws similar to measures passed a year ago in Arizona. An anti-immigration bill is progressing through … [Read more...]

Our trespasses

Today's paper has a good piece from reporters Hiran Ratnayake and Ginger Gibson -- "Immigrants on fringes in debate's foreground" -- on the desperate situation faced by illegal immigrants in need of health care here in America.The article starts with one story:When Miriam was 15, her parents trespassed into the United States from Mexico.Now in her mid 20s, the Wilmington resident still doesn't have citizenship but has become familiar with the health care system.In the … [Read more...]

Enemies (and losers)

"Protest roils Riverside (N.J.)" report Joel Bewley and Nancy Petersen of The Philadelphia Inquirer. This kind of story about the so-called "immigration debate" is becoming routine. Pro-immigrant groups organize a march, waving American flags. Counter-protesters heckle them, shouting that they don't belong in America. The pictures are worth 1,000 words. Be sure to check out Photo No. 8 in the slideshow, captioned: "Counterdemonstrators cheer a car passing by with a … [Read more...]

Mysterious Ways

Sept. 11 changed everything. Before 9/11, for example, most Americans probably didn't worry too much about Finnish theologians infiltrating America's nondenominational seminaries and infecting our unsuspecting, red-blooded American theology students with their Scandinavian theories of pneumatology. We were such innocents then. Fortunately, your Department of Homeland Security is on the case. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, a systematic theology professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in … [Read more...]

Indentured servitude

President Bush's proposed immigration reform has yet to take shape as an actual policy proposal. Since it exists now only as a broad outline, any response has to be equally broad. Immigration isn't an area I know a lot about, and my first reaction was that the president's plan could either be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, depending on the details. James K. Galbraith, who knows more about this sort of thing, thinks that Bush's plan will be a Bad Thing: for immigrants, for … [Read more...]

Punishing the exploited

I think we'll all sleep better tonight, knowing that our government is vigilantly protecting us from sneaky foreigners who enter this country illegally and clean our Wal-Marts. Federal investigators raided two Delaware Wal-Mart stores early Thursday, arresting six undocumented cleaning workers in Seaford and four in New Castle as part of a national sweep of 61 Wal-Mart stores that netted 300 workers, a federal official said. The early-morning raids at Wal-Mart stores in 21 states were part … [Read more...]