Amnesty at the DMV

Earlier this month (pre-layoff) I replaced the 65,000-mile tires on the Yaris, enabling me to pass inspection and get a shiny new sticker on my windshield. That sticker reads “4/12,” and not “6/12″ because my inspection was actually due by the end of April, not the beginning of June. In other words, I drove around [Read More...]

Constantine is dead

If there were an award for seeking out the bare-minimum lowest common denominator of Christian morality, I would nominate the new ecumenical document, “Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct.” Christian missionaries should renounce all “deception and coercive means” of winning converts, according to an agreement released Tuesday by a broad coalition of [Read More...]

'I decided I was going to be the mayor for everybody'

This, from CNN, is a beautiful story about an impressive man, Paul Bridges, mayor of tiny Uvalda, Georgia: “Republican mayor in the South becomes unlikely advocate for immigrants.” Bridges is an unlikely soldier on the front lines of the nation’s immigration debate. The 58-year-old native Southerner describes himself as a conservative Republican. For years, he [Read More...]

Immigrant labor in Philly

The Philadelphia 76ers selected Nicola Vucevic with the 12th pick of the NBA draft yesterday. Vucevic played college ball at USC where, as a junior last year, he averaged 17.1 points per game and 10.3 rebounds. That’s a nice addition for the Sixers, though I’m not sure it will have much of an impact as [Read More...]

The God who brought you out of Egypt

I suppose part of what gets to me about Alabama’s harsh new papers-please law and its crackdown on Sooners is that this is the same state that spent much of the past decade boasting of its fealty to the (Protestant formulation of the) Ten Commandments. The chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Roy [Read More...]

For you were aliens in the land of Egypt

Alabama’s governor and legislators really, really hate Sooners. Alabama Republican Gov. Robert Bentley signed on June 9 the nation’s harshest anti-immigration law, surpassing Arizona, while the state’s Christian denominations sat on the sidelines. “We have a real problem with illegal immigration in this country,” said Bentley, after he signed the bill that passed by a [Read More...]


Bruce Prescott, leader of the Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, recently spoke at an immigration rally on the steps of Oklahoma’s state capitol, where he argued that “Immigrants Shouldn’t Need ‘Any Stinking Papers.’” The rally opposed Arizona-style anti-immigration legislation proposed in the state’s legislature: [Republican Rep. Randy] Terrill wants Oklahoma to adopt stricter anti-immigration laws similar to [Read More...]

Our trespasses

Today's paper has a good piece from reporters Hiran Ratnayake and Ginger Gibson — "Immigrants on fringes in debate's foreground" — on the desperate situation faced by illegal immigrants in need of health care here in America. The article starts with one story: When Miriam was 15, her parents trespassed into the United States from [Read More...]